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Tariqah [Order] of Touch Sufism!
By:abdalaziz ariff / indiana
Date: Tuesday, 23 June 2020, 11:18 am

Tariqah [Order] of Touch Sufism !

Schuon nudist

“Schuon moved to the US in 1981,(72) settling outside Bloomington, Indiana. A Schuonian community had come into existence there under the leadership of a professor of comparative religion at Indiana University who had been using Schuon's books in his courses. One of these followers of Schuon had established a zawiya near Bloomington, and offered Schuon adjoining land.(73) The reason normally given for Schuon's move is his interest in Native American religion,(74) to which we will return.”

This location is only 60 miles from where I live. During the court hearing, one of his strong supporter Hossein Nasr was called to testify. I forgot what he said , but it was out of this world.

Seyyed Hossein Nasr
Seyyed Hossein Nasr is an Iranian professor emeritus of Islamic studies at George Washington University, and an Islamic philosopher. He is the author of scholarly books and articles.
[ here goes the scholarly neighborhood !]



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Tariqah [Order] of Touch Sufism!
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