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Gravity A Theory of Deception feat. YOUR LOCATION?
By:Mahmood Qaddus/YOUR LOCATION?
Date: Friday, 19 June 2020, 9:47 pm

A fascinating focus around Zero Degrees my dear brother.

Eric Dubay studied at the same University around the same year as I. He was likewise known to have numerous irregular perspectives even in those days yet was still popular and in no uncertainty considered very mainstream.

Be that as it may, he proports a flat earth and in particular that dinosaurs never existed and so forth. In fact, he isn’t qualified in any of the related sciences at all but still manages to bamboozle the naïve and deluded masses with pseudo sciences and proof which have been debunked mercilessly in so many you tube videos. This no doubt has driven many to the conclusion that he may be cultivating, exploiting and abusing such topics for individual ambitions, aspirations and monetary gains; much like the author of the Da Vinci Code for need of a superior model.

I recently watched a documentary of the chief Flat Earthers (Behind the Curve) who in two key but separate observed experiments provided absolute proof against themselves that the world is round and not flat! Really funny, watch it as they don't accept the results. They got caught out as the same experiments conducted by the flat earthers on You Tube were obvious lies.

Here is a fine model of what and how Eric and his nearby friend network of like minds co-operate among themselves. Once digested, it really is that amusing.

In this edifying video - Eric Dubay detonates while the man of Science (debunker) tunes in with somewhat bewilderment.


Moreover, here is a perfect summary concerning his claims for his followers to really seriously ponder over. However, it would be advisable to exercise critical, logical and rational reasoning to truly acquire the truth and the full benefits :-)



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Gravity A Theory of Deception feat. Eric Dubay
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Gravity A Theory of Deception feat. YOUR LOCATION?
Mahmood Qaddus/YOUR LOCATION? -- Friday, 19 June 2020, 9:47 pm