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Zaytuna M.A. graduates
By:Zaytuna College, CA
Date: Wednesday, 17 June 2020, 3:49 pm

How Muaz Gained Confidence in Scholarship

Zaytuna M.A. graduate Muaz Inaam discusses his path to a Ph.D. program


A Crucial Step Forward

Despite his bachelor’s degree in sociology and some introductory-level training in the Islamic sciences, Muaz Inaam’s lack of confidence remained an impediment to his pursuit of higher-level study in Islam. He realized that his college education fell short of giving him the critical thinking, research, and writing skills he needed to succeed in the graduate world.

So, instead of applying to an M.A. program in Islamic studies at another university, Muaz took what some may have thought a step backward: he applied to the Zaytuna B.A. program.

And now he knows that was a crucial step forward for him.

Six years later, after completing both the B.A. and the M.A. programs here at Zaytuna, Muaz is headed to Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. to begin his Ph.D. in Arabic & Islamic Studies. The B.A. program provided him the timeless tools he needed to begin learning in earnest, and, in the M.A. program, he studied advanced texts in small classes, developed his research skills, and discovered what his areas of interest truly are. “When I look back at some of what I wrote even just a year ago,” says Muaz, “I’m surprised at just how much growth I see.”

As he tells it, the core idea behind the Zaytuna M.A. in Islamic Texts program is that “if you can complete an intermediate-to-advanced-level text with a teacher who has really mastered it, you can just about read any other text within the discipline with ease.”

To learn if the Zaytuna M.A. program is right for you—or for someone you know—start by reading about Muaz's journey.
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