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Question Regarding Islam,Question No.1
By:Engineer Arun Kumar,New Delhi
Date: Sunday, 14 June 2020, 5:28 pm

I am new to this forum.
Asper my understanding of Islam: The concept of One God is taken very seriously.Even God himself will punish very harsly who associates anyother with him.

my Question is,why the Islamic God,being THE MOST MERCIFUL get offensive and egoistic when someone doesnot Believe in his existence or simply not believe in one god or in Him???
For sake of argument,let assume that there is only one God and that God happens to be the God of Quran,then
why one should get punished if doesn't believe in the his existence,bcz there is no proof,Quran is not enough also.No religious books can prove this point,the best they can do is to make u BELIEVE that THIS book(let say Quran) has:
1. No error
2. No scientific contradiction.
3. Best form n usage of the language.
4. No one can produce a single verse like it(though
very strange point,let say someone comes with a
verse,on which standards n logic u will disprove his
claim,and who will be those authorities??)
5. etc
and hence this book must be God and so he exists.
All the above and other similar points doesn't prove the existence of God. Because final call to believe in God is just ur inner voice/emotional process/ ur thinking process...it has nothing to do with any proofs.

if time permits i will pose my other Questions.

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