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Re: Reading The Book
By:jawaid ahmed
Date: Saturday, 13 June 2020, 1:15 pm
In Response To: Reading The Book (Sameena Beenish, Multan)

You were going along so nicely and then you had to spoil it with this:

"The Quran is meant to be recited in the contact prayers, and Surah al-Muzammil specially advises night vigil for protection during the end times."

Sister, a book that is written by any person is undertaken so that it can be read. Reading necessitates understanding of the language of the original book or its translation. As this is true for all man written books, then this is more so for the Book of Allah. No book has ever been written in words that has not done so to be read with meaning EXCEPT the Qur'an according to the mulla-gods and their devoted Bukharian servants.

Reciting blindly the Qur'an in 'contact prayers', giving away your Rashad Kalifa sectarian beliefs, is an insult to Allah and His Messenger as you are parrot reciting words back to Allah that He has given you to read, understand and implement in your daily life, 24/7.

End time protection is also a delusional belief in a fairy tale war at the end of time, happy waiting, as per Dr Saab, and how reciting a chapter of the Qur'an is going to keep a demon holding a spear and sword away is beyond me!

Read the Qur'an with meaning. Understand what it is trying to teach you to believe and do, and do it in order to handle, face and overcome, yes, then be protected from the problems we have in this world.
That is true protection.

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