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Re: I have met alien ETs
By:jawaid ahmed
Date: Saturday, 13 June 2020, 12:56 pm
In Response To: I have met alien ETs (Prof Allan Keislar, CA - 1947-?)

Alien embracing is a delusion or deception, probably both.
It is on par with meeting Mother Mary, Christianity, and Muhammad in dreams or 'real' life.
Psychologists call it a delusional disorder and religious nuts call it a supernatural apparition, a 'sign'!
People who see UFOS and aliens are no different. On the lowest level lights in the sky are alien craft when they are just lights in the sky! The delusional or deception next step is alien, ET, encounters for publicity or notoriety, and ridicule does not deter them, so definitely delusional.

Someone who believes in nonsense is addressed in the Qur'an as being in a state of deaf, dumb and blindness to the truth, even when the truth is presented to them because they have a distorted, nay deluded, set of beliefs that their brains have treated as 'normal'; rejecting 'normal' is not easy unless you have the will and means to do so.
This will comes from an open and always questioning mind based on observation and accepting known facts; everything else is put aside until evidence is forthcoming, not when the deluded say it is 'real'

Now "phone home" and mommy will tell you to stop talking nonsense or ET will abduct you!

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I have met alien ETs
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jawaid ahmed -- Saturday, 13 June 2020, 12:56 pm