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Did Mary have a husband?
By:Vinni Ventura, Canada
Date: Wednesday, 10 June 2020, 7:54 pm

I have a question?

Regarding the the birth of Jesus, have you heard of phenomenon called "fetus in fetu"? It a rare medical condition wherein a fetus is formed within the fetus of its own twin. There are some cases where adults as old as 47 have this condition. Also, a verse in Qur'an seems to suggest that this is what happened:

3:36 - When she delivered she said, “My Lord! I have delivered a female.” God knew best what she delivered; *the male is not the same as the female* . “I have named her Mary. I request Your protection for her and for her descendants from the rejected Satan".

So it's possible that Mary gave birth to her own twin, what do you think?

I ask about this because I do not see any thing in the Qur'an that would suggest that Mary had a husband.

Any way, have a good day.


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Did Mary have a husband?
Vinni Ventura, Canada -- Wednesday, 10 June 2020, 7:54 pm
Re: Did Mary have a husband?
Dr. Shabbir, Florida -- Wednesday, 10 June 2020, 7:56 pm