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Riyasat-e-Medina = Wa aqeemus salaata wa aatuz za
By:abdalaziz ariff / indiana
Date: Tuesday, 9 June 2020, 6:39 pm

Prime Minister Imran Khan peace and greetings

You are a brave man. You are also honest, and this honesty will bear fruit-insha’Allah. Per our very respectful professor in Karachi, you are opposed from every angle. It will be around 2 years of PTI in July, that’s not enough time to fix the problems of the last decades. You are close to Tariq Jamil, if he is your friend , he would have told you that visiting the so called dead saints-will produce no result. They are dead, do not own any thing, do not know when they will be raised and they do not listen. [ top secret-all those saints in Indo Pak, came to this area to save their lives. And they are either shia or nazari]

This salat is not the five times namaz, and this zakah is not the 2.5% [are you hearing Taqi Usmai saheb]

The day 1600 plus members of Council of Islamic Ideology will understand this , when implemented, hopefully will solve the economic vows of Pakistan.

This [Wa aqeemus salaata wa aatuz zakaah], is the foundation of a welfare state and economic system. The shura council [whatever form the exist, decides knowing the current situation who to tax and how much.

Mr. Prime Minister then you will be close to your goal of Riayst-e-Madina.

Riyasat-e-Medina = Wa aqeemus salaata wa aatuz zakaah;


22:41 They are the ones who, if We grant them rule in the land, establish Salaat and give
Zakaat. They enjoin virtue and forbid vice. And in their governance all affairs
are decided according to God's decrees. [Establishing Salaat = Establishing
the Divine System where God's Commands are closely followed. Giving Zakaat
= Setting up the Just Economic Order in which wealth circulates freely
to nourish every member of the society, and the basic needs of all individuals
are taken care of]

9:17 Those who associate others with God, (whether idols, dead saints, religious or
temporal leaders), shall not administer God's Masjids, the Centers of the
Divine System – while they are witness in denial of truth against their own
'self'. All their works are in vain and they will abide in the fire. [9:107, 30:31-
32, 72:18. Pilgrimage of the House is a duty unto all mankind, not Muslims
alone. 3:97]

9:18 Only those people are fit to administer or maintain the Masjids (the Centers of the
Divine Order), who have unwavering belief in God and the Last Day. They
strive to establish the Divine System, and to set up the Just Economic Order
of Zakaat and stand in awe of none but God. They are the ones who are
rightly guided. [Ya'mur = Maintains or administers. Yousuf Ali, Pickthall
and Muhammad Asad correctly translate the word as maintaining or tending]

[these are just my understanding, need to be corrected]

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