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Doomed Understanding
By:Razi, Kuwait / India
Date: Sunday, 7 June 2020, 9:43 am


This article (above link) is a perfect example of how one reaches a doomed conclusion if one tries to understand the Quran through the so called “Tafseers” written on the base of “Shan-e-nuzul” (alleged reason/Time of revelation) instead of “Tasreef-ul-Ayat”.

Dr. Shabbir Sir, your marvelous “The Quran As It Explains Itself” and other works including this site is indeed a blessing for the seekers of “Deen” of Allah.

Razi Khan

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Doomed Understanding
Razi, Kuwait / India -- Sunday, 7 June 2020, 9:43 am
Re: Doomed Understanding
Dr Shabbir, Florida -- Sunday, 7 June 2020, 1:40 pm