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Continuous GENOCIDE of Muslims in India
By:Arshad Khan, Missouri
Date: Thursday, 4 June 2020, 6:40 pm

[Irving_Muslims] George Floyd murder sign of systemic racism say Indian Americans
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Arshad Khan
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Thu, Jun 4 at 1:25 AM

SALAM Folks of Our DFW_Groups:
Ref below email of A Reyes, we investigated, "Indian Muslims for Progress and Reforms | IMPAR ".

We also discussed, with few muslims-of india-origin(in USA & @ other Locations outside india). Because, MUSLIMS inside india(inclusive of Media/Journalists/Maulanas/Professors/Professionals) do NOT honestly_respond to Questions from USA_Journalists, recently. Of course, due to FEAR of Arrest_Torture_Murder , by indian Govt.

Tel-Calls(as ALL Journalists know) to india, are intercepted by india's Secret agency_RAW.

Please review Names of IMPAR's "Steering-Committee(Mgmnt), that Commands_Controls IMPAR. The Names-reveal, that ALL(95%) Mgmnt, is directly_indirectly Connected with GOVT. Also, Mgmnt has ONLY WEALTHY-powerful_privelaged Muslims, who in-Bed with Govt. Same-type of Muslims(as in Show-Biz) in-BOLLYWOOD{mostly married to Hindus, &/or publicly worship HINDU_Statues.

ALL(95%) Mgmnt of IMPAR, have NEVER said a WORD, while:
1) Muslims GENOCIDE, in Gujaarat
2) Since 1947, continuous_GENOCIDE of Muslims, allover_india(UP, Bihar, Bombay, Rajhastan, ASSAM, Bhopal, MP, etc...
3) Destruction of BABRI Mosque, & Genocide of Muslims at Ayodhya
4) GENOCIDE of Muslims in KASHMIR.
5) Framing & Genocide of Muslims, in Hyderabad Deccan
6) Muslims Genocide, in Malegaon Express-Train, etc,,,etc.
7) Muslim-Students of SIMI, for decades Brutally Tortured_MURDERED by india' Govt.
8) Jamia Millia islamia/DELHI Students Tortured_Murdered.

9) Mr MEMON_Accountant(CPA) Framed/Tortured-HANGED(few days BEFORE hanging, myself Called_TALKED with Snr Officers, in India President office, & with MP's in Mamta Banerji's Party, & with President/Muslim Lawyers of Kerala, & with a Young Muslim_Attorney of DEOBAND-group, but based in Bombay, etc...ALL 3-Charges against Mr MEMON, were Legally GARBAGE.

IMPAR is a "COVERT_FRONT" of MODI-Bjp-Rss-VHP, to FOOL-Cheat & Divide_DESTROY, the 400-Million Muslims inside Hindustan{MODI & Bjp-Rss Reps, 24/7 Repeat in their Speeches, that india, is Now "Hindustan"}...

PS: 1) Few Muslims(Origin from india) in Our USA, Recvd invitation to Join IMPAR. To our understanding, No one joined. You all may ask iamc, if anyone joined..?.

Rgrds; Arshad A Khan(twitter @Arshad_USA); member/Reporters-sans-Frontiers;

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(since 2007, Media-member/Rolla Chamber of Commerce, Missouri, USA; Our Trade-Mark_Application, is Under-Process with Our US-Govt, since 2015..google us, to confirm).

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