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RIOTS: Trump threatening military crackdown
By:Korva Coleman and Jill Hudson
Date: Tuesday, 2 June 2020, 3:17 pm

President Trump is threatening the first U.S. military crackdown on citizens in decades. In remarks delivered Monday afternoon, the president said he will deploy armed forces to cities or states that don't take "necessary" actions to halt violent protests. As Trump was speaking in the White House Rose Garden, peaceful protestors outside the gates were being dispersed with tear gas, flash grenades and rubber bullets to clear the way for the president to pose for a photo op at the nearby St. John’s Church.

On a conference call with governors on Monday, the president urged them to "dominate" lawbreakers or risk looking like "a bunch of jerks." The upbraiding didn't sit well with many governors, who have been busy responding to clashes between protesters and law enforcement in dozens of cities around the country. Trump said he was putting Attorney General Bill Barr in charge of the federal law enforcement response, and that the White House was "strongly looking for arrests."

Death by homicide: New official and independent autopsy reports on George Floyd both say he was killed at the hands of police. But they differ on key details.

One consequence of COVID-19 is a projected global increase in domestic violence, including intimate partner violence. As many areas loosen quarantine restrictions, that's creating more opportunities for people to flee their abusers. But that escape can be complicated by stress, isolation and high unemployment rates.

Tuesday is still election day in several states, despite the pandemic and unrest that’s gripping the nation. Eight states and the District of Columbia are holding contests, although several have mail-in components to their balloting.

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RIOTS: Trump threatening military crackdown
Korva Coleman and Jill Hudson -- Tuesday, 2 June 2020, 3:17 pm
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