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Qur'an IN / Fake Sharia OUT
By:abdalaziz ariff / indiana
Date: Saturday, 30 May 2020, 10:09 pm

old post as is - not edited

Re: Shriah Law
By:Kalim-Ullah Khan Montreal
Date: Saturday, 21 February 2015, 3:05 am
In Response To: Shriah Law (Shravan India)

Upto 250 years hijra there was no 'shariat' except Qura'n majeed. No written words except Qura'n. Muslims did every
thing according to Qura'n + Muhammad (S) tareeqa and Ijtihad. . Muslims did all sciences and were at the top of the World. Iblees did not approve. He hired highly paid human agents (5 cruel fiqah + 6 stupid hadees + 1 upset down tafsaeer + 1 twisted history) to keep the Muslims away from Qura'n. which they said was only to read and tarawee and Qurea'n khwani only. For practice they gave these human written books.. And over 1200 years they have been so strong , so strong, they will not tolerate 1 word against these books. Iblees is very happy and successful. Somebody should give example : turn the clock back 1200 years - today is 200 (H) - now follow Islam. Secondly all those 13 agents were not elected by anybody, were not from Mecca or Medina. They were all enemies of Qura'n. enemy of Muhammad (S), enemy of Allah and friends of Iblees. They introduced 1 manmade laws of that period .Now the World has changed. In real democracy laws keep changing according to he time and circumstances. No where in the World people are following laws made 1000 years back. But the ibleesi mullsha are sticking to 1200 yeas old cruel and anti Qura'n rules. Ask these ibleesi agents which shariat you mean (out of 5) ?