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Rasool/Nabi was the same person
By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Tuesday, 26 May 2020, 3:53 pm
In Response To: Rasool and Nabi-Dr Israr (Muhammad Rafi Karachi)


With plenty of respect for the departed scholar, Dr. Israr Ahmad was wrong on this count.

According to the Qur'an, NABI/RASOOL was the same person - like two sides of a coin.

NABI & RASOOL (Prophet & Messenger)
Mufti Muneeb, like other Mullahs, falls on his face saying that Nabi is different from Rasool. Ahmadis spin this web around them.
Leaving the Qur'an, they get entangled in fabricated Ahadith, fake stories and Sufi parlance thrown at them by Qadianis or Ahmadis.

NABI & RASOOL (Prophet & Messenger)
It is a common error to consider ‘Nabuwwat’ and ‘Risaalat’ as two different offices and that NABI (Prophet) and RASOOL (Messenger) are two different personalities. It is said that there have been 124,000 prophets and 313 messengers in history, the former came without a book and the latter came with a book. But 'Wahi' or Revelation from God in itself is a Book given to prophets and messengers. Moreover, some people believe that if a community denies their messenger, they meet with total destruction but if they deny their Nabi, another one is sent to them.

The Qur'an nowhere makes a distinction between NABI and RASOOL. The same noble personality was NABI by way of receiving the Divine Message, and RASOOL as he conveyed the Message to people. Check out Ref: 2:61-136- 246-248-253, 3:67-180-183, 4:163-165, 17:55, 19:30-51-54, 23:45, 25:30-31, 33:7, 49:2-3 and many more.

NABI and RASOOL are specific, branded terms of the Qur'an, so Muhammad (S) was the Final Nabi and Rasool.

The Qur’an asserts that every community received their Divinely appointed guide called a Rasool/Nabi.

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