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Imam Shafi'i--Crypto Shia !
By:abdalaziz ariff / indiana
Date: Friday, 22 May 2020, 11:00 pm

According to Azizullah Dehalvi son Shah Walliulah-all four imams were shia!

How Paul of Islam “Imam Shafi’i” deceived True Followers of Prophet Muhammad the exalted?

The angel revealed the Qur’an to Exalted Messenger [AS], by mistake instead of some other person-is this not “Mother of all the Blasphemy” ! be honest.
I have nothing against Shia’s, in fact my own sunni up brining is questionable.

No offence but to this idiot

Shia and Sunni = Dumb and Dumber
Shia + Sunni = Dumbo
It appears certain that it was shortly after having
completed his education that al-Shafic was summoned
to perform some official function at Nadjran (in the
north of Yemen) and that it was during this period
that he compromised himself by joining the partisans
of the Hasanid Yahya b. cAbd Allah (regarding him
and the revolt which he led, see H. Laoust, Les
schismes dans I'lslam, Paris 1983, 76-7). According to
Ibn al-Nadlm (d. 385/995 [q.v.]), al-ShaficI was a fervent
Shici (wa-kdna al-Shdfi^i shadidan fi 'l-tashayyu^:
Fihrist, Beirut 1978, 295

“According to Ibn al-Nadlm (d. 385/995 [q.v.]), al-Shafic was a fervent
Shici (wa-kdna al-Shdfi^i shadidan fi 'l-tashayyu^:
Fihrist, Beirut 1978, 295);”

Kitâb Al-Fihrist : Muḥammad ibn Isḥāq Ibn al-Nadīm ... - Internet Archive
this book is in German [ English translation may be available with scribd]

Wahi Jali aur wahi Khafi. by attabukhari Urdu-27 minutes


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