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By:Ahmed Moosa, Cape Town
Date: Monday, 18 May 2020, 9:39 pm


We would like the following information to be widely circulated so that the mystery and conniving of the Jews and Christians can be exposed! These are the facts:

The Dead Sea Scrolls were found in 1947.
More than 60 years have passed (2008) and they have still not been released to the world, except for a few bits and pieces of non-Biblical text.
Claims have been made that they will only release them about 2042, which is almost 100 years after discovering them.
John Allegro, who was one of the scholars in the group that was deciphering the Dead Sea Scrolls, was murdered when he stated that the teacher of righteousness was not Jesus.
The Vatican is making overtures to the Protestants so that both the Catholics and Protestants can conspire together to create one joint Bible for their followers. In this way they can claim that there are no longer different versions of Bibles, but just one Bible. The first step has been taken by Pope Ratzinger, (in 2008) who stated that Martin Luther was correct in his works. For more than 450 years Martin Luther was condemned as a heretic by all the previous Popes.

The following are our conclusions based on the above facts.

Before the discovery of these Scrolls, the Jews and the Christians were NEVER friends, but rather were the bitterest enemies. Each Easter, the Christians went on a rampage and killed thousands of Jews by accusing them of killing their god Jesus.
The Jews set fire to the Church wherein was born Jesus. Luckily it was detected in time and put off. The burnt marks are still visible when one goes to visit the Church in Palestine. The Christians have preserved the attempted arson of the Jews.
When the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1947, voila! All the hatred, animosity and killing of the Jews were abandoned by the Vatican and Protestant Churches. Their followers were told to forget the past and to embrace the Jews as their saviors. Why?
The illegitimate state of Israel has flouted hundreds of United Nations resolutions and nothing has been done to bring it to book. It has been given blanket protection by the USA, Britain and France by their vetoes. It murders innocent helpless Palestinian women, children and old people. No condemnation from any Christian nation or Government. Israel uses F 16’s fighter jets, helicopter gunships, drones etc to carry on murdering the Palestinians and no outcry, or condemnation by the Christian USA, Britain and France.
We Quote Mr. Richard Falk, the United Nations Commissioner: April 15, 2008-LONDON. The incoming UN human rights investigator in the occupied Palestinian territories insisted on Tuesday, April, 8 that Israeli atrocities against Palestinians were similar to those of Nazi Germany.

"If this kind of situation had existed for instance in the manner in which China was dealing with Tibet or the Sudanese government was dealing with Darfur, I think there would be no reluctance to make that comparison," Richard Falk told the BBC News.

Falk, a world-renowned Jewish-American professor of international law at the prestigious Princeton University, first made the comparison last June. Falk is not the first international figure to liken the Israeli aggressions against Palestinians to the Nazis'.

Last August, a 27-strong group of German bishops visiting occupied al-Quds compared the discriminatory treatment helpless Palestinians suffer under Israel's stifling checkpoints and occupation to infamous Nazi tactics.
Israel has nuclear bombs but no-one is allowed to inspect its arsenal. Iran has been threatened with war if they do not submit to the USA in scrapping their nuclear development.
Western nations (France, Germany, USA etc) pass laws to incarcerate anyone who dares to deny the holocaust as if that is so important that it is imperative to believe it. The number that is claimed by Israel to have died, i.e. six million- has never been proved. Many war historians have disputed the number, but they have been threatened with jail if they did not shut up!

We can go on and on about the atrocities of the Jews against the Palestinians, but we want to answer the questions posed above.

Answer: This is the most closely guarded secret in the world

The Jews wanted their own homeland for centuries, but were never allowed to have one by Europe and the USA. All this changed overnight when the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1947. In just ONE YEAR after the discovery, in 1948, the Jews were given their own homeland (Israel) and were recognized by the USA- (Present Harry Truman) just ONE MINUTE after the Jews declared an independent Israel at midnight!

Our conclusion is that these Scrolls that were discovered and never fully released to the world contain information that nullifies the Bible, the Trinity and the Torah.

We will go so far as to say that it contains information that proves the authenticity of Islam and the Arabic Glorious Qur'an! Because the release of these Scrolls will expose the falsehood of Christianity and Judaism, the Christians and Jews have connived together to keep it secret, and the tradeoff was that the Jews will get their homeland, and the Christians will protect them at any cost, as they will both keep the secret. That is why this unjust war has been started against Islam.

What other reason can there be, for such unflinching support of a nation that commits the worst crimes in modern times and no action is taken to stop them? The USA gives them trillions of dollars, all their latest armaments, and antagonizes the almost two billion Muslims all over the world in support of a few million Jews.

Can anyone put forth another argument better than this one ??? We do not think so!


From: Bashir Ebrahim



Your info on the Dead Sea Scrolls which I read in your previous email had a profound influence on me. Consequently, I did further reading on the subject

see above.