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Muslims are being forced to convert to Hinduism
By:Syed Rahim, Hyderabad India
Date: Friday, 15 May 2020, 7:51 pm


The need of the hour is not to discuss past. At present Indian Muslims are being forced to convert to Hinduism. This is happening rapidly. Most recently hundreds are forced to convert in this holy month in haryana.

This is not the time to discuss past. Save Muslims of India.

In Pakistan too notorious media and anti-Islamic anchors tried to target Islam (indirectly), masajids, tabligh but Ulrema (Mufti Mubeeb and Mufti Taqi Usmani) sensed their motives and dumped their nefarious designs once and for all. Alhamdolillah all masajids are open and their are huge gatherings (precautions are taken in the form of cleanliness and distancing). Pakistan is a gift of Allah Jallashanuh where masajids are not only open but also people are always busy in prayers and one can see mercies of Allah everywhere in broad daylight. Alhamdolillah not a single case is coming from a single masjid. We must also be thankful to army generals who stopped media anchors not to bark against Islam, Tabligh, Salah and masasjids.

Narrow mindedness of hindus are quite apparent. In all these scenarios they are only using their full energy against Islam, Muslims, Tabligh and are adamant to make India only for hindus.

There is no problem in Pakistan. All provinces are working constitutionally. This is the only country which has wiped out terrorism. No India can dare attack Alhamdolillah. Pakistan has nothing to do with taleban. People are well aware of their responsibilities. Anti corruption drive is on top priority. System is working satisfactorily.

Poor are being helped rapidly. Donors have thronged everywhere and charities are distributed to every needy Alhamdolillah.

Alhamdolillah no Muslim country even Saudi Arabia can be compared with Pakistan where Islamic values are important more than anythings else (under the guidance of renowned ulema).

My intention is only to clarify position of Pakistan. My request is all to save Muslims of India from mass conversion into Hinduism. We must concentrate on only one point these days.

We seek Help of Allah. May Allah Jallashanuh help Indian Muslims, ameen.

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