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Re: Time for Stock-taking
By:shahalam, TX
Date: Thursday, 14 May 2020, 6:43 am
In Response To: Time for Stock-taking (Muhammad Rafi Karachi)

The article hits the nail in the head! Ramadan is the month of inner reflections towards bright human beings. Attaining wisdom and fulfilling His wishes is the spirit of the month. Referred as yearly drill it is meant for cleansing impurities of life towards piety and potential.

But average Muslims sees Ramadan generally surrounding the festivity of Iftar, Taraweeh, Itikaf. It is followed by Eid that brings sigh of relief for those conscious of their social image can now eat and drink freely without fearing the onlookers. Satan is said to be caged, without looking inside the heart where true Shaitan lies. Customs and rituals thus minimize the spirit of Ramadan, making it ineffectual towards God consciousness and self-discipline.

Quality of military drill, including the regimen of Ramadan should be measured by its consequences. So, the post fasting life in the coming eleven months should measure the outcome of Ramadan. Does it achieve desired results? Here are some hinderance in its way.

In common Muslims mind Ramadan is hardly anything beyond elaborate rituals as learnt from clergies. Punishments for abstaining these rituals, or its rewards thereof in itself are central motive of month. Society is guided by rituals than acquisition of ability to motivate towards Quranic fulfilments. No matter how many Ramadan passes, results are hard to see.

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