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Mahdi and Dr. Israr - 2
By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Tuesday, 5 May 2020, 11:44 pm
In Response To: Mahdi and Dr. Israr - 1 (Dr Shabbir, Florida)

(Revised 2006)


In the last few years, Dr. Shabbir Ahmed has emerged as one of the foremost Islamic scholars in the world. He is also considered by many as the best contemporary writer of Urdu. I, and many others, regard Dr. Ahmed as the most eloquent spokesperson of Allama Iqbal as well. Read any of Dr. Ahmed's books and you will probably agree with these statements.

A man of true knowledge, Dr. Shabbir Ahmed writes with confidence, honesty, boldness, clarity, and humor. His grasp of the subject under discussion is awesome and the documentation is superb. Once you start reading his book it is difficult to put down because it is so interesting and when you finish, it is difficult to disagree because he is so convincing.

The advent of the Messiah (and Mahdi), and the appearance of the Antichrist (Dajjal) and Gog Magog (Yajooj Majooj), have captured the imagination of billions of people for centuries. Almost every nation and every religion has looked forward to welcoming the SAVIOR. People have their own versions of the catastrophic events of the "Armageddon". It is easy to understand that any nation in her period of decline will be more prone to believe in a "promised one" and anxiously await his advent. Muslims today are showing the best example of this wishful thinking.

In this booklet Dr. Ahmed has collected some of the most important traditions and made objective observations about them.

This work highlights the fabricated accounts introduced into the Islamic history and helps readers discern the truth.

Dr. Javeed Iqbal
Justice (retd) Supreme Court Lahore
March 2000


Why was it necessary to write this booklet? It will obviously be controversial.

I believe that the advent of the last savior or reformer is already a very debatable issue among people and nations.

O.K., why not leave it as such? If no one ever comes, let people wait, wait, wait and pass on. Fine and dandy!

But there are two problems:

1. It is an insult for scholarship to learn the truth and not share it with fellow human beings.

2. The West is faring well globally despite their wrong belief in the second coming of Jesus. On the contrary, the Muslims have fallen into the cold valley of inaction and confusion. Why should they worry? Someone will come and improve their lot.

In general, the orthodox Jews are waiting for the Messiah in person. Other Jews are looking for the Messianic Age where Judaism will thrive more and more.

Many Christians are anticipating the action of Armageddon, the final war between the rulers of the world. The good will have its final victory over the evil. Armageddon is in fact a place in central Palestine where several battles were fought in the ancient history. Likewise, the Hindu scriptures speak of the 24th and the last divine person "Kalki Awtaar" in the latter days. Buddhists are hoping for “Maitreya”, Jains for “Tri Thanker” and Zoroastrains for “Meeta” or “Mithra”. All of them are supposed to bring glory to their respective followers.

The Final Word of God, Al-Qur’an makes no mention of an oncoming savior or reformer. The last Savior, Muhammad, has come and gone in 632 CE after giving humanity the Complete, Perfected Message of God. This Message, Al-Qur’an is for all peoples at all times. However, the Muslim traditional literature is loaded with reports about two reformers to come, not just one. According to these traditions the Messiah and the Mahdi will help each other in getting rid of all evil. They will kill the "Antichrist" and wipe out "Gog and Magog".

This booklet intends to present some of the important historical traditions. The position of the Qur'an will be outlined along with comments by the author. It is hoped that the intelligent reader, using discernment, will reach the right conclusions.

Note: “Prophet (S)” in this booklet will indicate, “Prophet (our salutes to him).


Shabbir Ahmed, M.D.
Florida 2006


The weekly "Urdu Times," New York, dated Oct 6th, 1999 has published a detailed interview of Dr. Israr Ahmed. The respected doctor is a sincere and renowned scholar of Islam. Wisely enough, he does not prefix his name with "Maulana". He knows that, according to the Qur'an, "Maulana" (Our Master) is none but Allah (9/51).

More than three decades ago, the Daily Jang, Karachi prominently published that Dr. Israr Ahmed was planning to quit Jamaat-e-Islami. The chief of Jamaat-e-Islami then was no other than the most influential Mullah of the 20th century, Maulana Syed Abul A'Ala Maududi. Dr. Israr Ahmed and other like-minded people maintained that Al-A'ALA is the attributive Name of God, meaning the Most Glorious, the Most High. Abu means father. Therefore, Abul A'Ala would mean, "Father of the Most Glorious, Most High, and hence, FATHER OF GOD.” The complete name with the title, Maulana Syed Abul A'Ala Maududi translates "Our Master, Owner, Father of God, Maududi". (Syed means Owner.)

Instead of acknowledging the truth, Mr. Maududi became furious and preemptively fired Dr. Israr from the Jamaat. In turn, Maududi came under fire that he had been a dire opponent of the Pakistan Movement. Another issue became a subject of hot debate in the journalism circles of Pakistan. Allama Iqbal, the ideological founder of Pakistan, was a great benefactor of Maududi since he brought the jobless Maududi from Deccan to Pathankot for doing some Qur'anic research. But, the Daily Jang exclaimed that, for some ulterior reasons, Maududi carefully avoided citing Iqbal’s poetry in his writings.

No doubt, Allama Iqbal enjoys such a high stature in Urdu and Persian literature that any scholar writing in these two languages without referring to the Allama will reflect his own ignorance and incompetence.

In an interview with Urdu Times, answering a question, Dr. Israr said, "Tableeghi Jama’at accomplished nothing in 70 years and Jama’ate-Islami did nothing significant in 60 years. Why wonder that I and my Tanzeem-e-Islami have created no dent in 40 years?” Dr. Israr Ahmed’s logic can, at best, be called an apology.

Dr. Israr does have his fair share of fans. Shabbir Ahmed is one of them. But the answer to the Urdu Times' journalist is something else though hidden from the truth-seeking eyes of the Doctor Saheb. When a vehicle gets stuck in sand so that its wheels keep spinning but the vehicle stays put, the situation is called Taghreez in Arabic. The truth of the matter is that whether it is Tableeghi Jama’at or Jama’at-e-Islami or any other Islamic movement in the world, their engines are screaming while the vehicles remain stuck in the sand of conjecture-based tradition. "Movements" that do not move! Allama Iqbal very aptly identifies the situation for us:

The Truth is lost in non-sense
This Ummah is lost in legend

Look at the magic of these legends and traditions. A Mullah of the caliber of Dr. Israr Ahmed states in his interview that "Imam Mahdi" has been born in Arabia in 1962. The authority he has referred to about his startling revelation is the late Jane Dixon of the U.S. Jane Dixon, the self-proclaimed diviner who gained fame for "foreseeing" the assassination of J.F.K. (but could not predict her own demise!)

How numerous a vessel have drowned
When the thoughts of the jurist, the
Mystic and the poet have downed!

Many of my respected readers have been calling me regarding this interview partly because they do not have Dr. Israr Ahmed's phone number. Several of them have asked me to write on the Advent of the Messiah & Mahdi and comment on Dr. Israr's mysterious statements. (The correct spelling of Doctor Saheb's name is Asrar which in itself means "mysteries").


First of all it is important to note that, for a Muslim, this belief is not one of the essential Articles of Faith which are outlined in the Qur'an. (2/177)

Next, it is imperative to realize that Muslims in general are a nation of experts. Every member of the Ummah happens to be a politician, a philosopher, a religious leader, a scholar, a judge and a Mufti (verdict dispenser). Being a member of the Community, I am no exception. So, I wish to share my expertise on the subject with the open-minded reader.

In my "expert" opinion, blind following of tradition and of people is no better than idol worship. This statement in itself is sufficient to draw an adverse verdict from our experts, but I have crossed the boundary lines quite a few times without any luck. "Imam" Ghazali advised centuries ago, "Do not consider yourself a significant person unless you have been honored by a verdict of infidelity!"

Before we get the ball rolling, there is a RED ALERT. If you are in love with your present dogmas, if the darkness of conjecture is dearer to you than the light of truth, if you feel safe in the cocoon of preconceived notions, and rethinking is likely to disrupt this cocoon, please stop here. Read something else. Watch TV. Eat a hamburger or go out for a walk. On the other hand, if you wish to let the stark reality gaze at you, please read on, think, and reach your own conclusions.

A large majority of Muslims will tell you that the advent of the Messiah and Mahdi has been foretold in the Islamic tradition. But most people have never read these narratives. They have only heard them from the Mullah screaming in his usual high-pitched, topless stop-less voice. Only a senseless mind can ascribe these insults to the exalted Prophet. Anyone with reason who reads these accounts in the so-called Islamic books, will get amazed (or amused) at these contradictory, and ridiculously funny insults. A mind without reason and committed to blind following will, of course take it with a grain of salt. Now, here are some examples:


• The Prophet (S) said, “There shall be raised a person from me. His name will be Muhammad, the son of Abdullah and he will fill the earth with equity and justice.” (Kitabul Mahdi, Abu Dawood volume III)

• That person's name will be Mahdi (not Muhammad, the son of Abdullah). (Ref same)

• Hazrat Ali quoted the Prophet, "A person will emerge from Maawara-tan-Nahr. His name will be Haarith (neither Muhammad nor Mahdi). A man by the name of Mansoor will walk ahead of him and he will bestow rule to the family of the Prophet." (Ref same)

• The holy Prophet gave the glad tiding of Mahdi that he would come in times of chaos and instantly spread equity and justice on earth. He will stay seven, eight or nine years and then no goodness will survive on the planet. (Musnad-e-Ahmad)

[How tragic! The last reformer of the world comes after centuries of expectation and waiting. His monumental efforts bring about a few years of peace and that heralds the instant doom!]

• Imam Mahdi bin Hassan Askari was born in 254 or 255 AH (872 or 873 CE). He disappeared at age four or five just 10 days before the death of his father. Then he hid himself in the Cave of Saamera near Baghdad. He took with him the whole Qur'an which had forty parts not thirty and 17,000 verses not 6,200 plus. The child Mahdi took with him (nobody knows how) the ancient books of all prophets, the scrolls of Ali, the scrolls of Fatima, the knowledge of Jafr (calamities), miracles of all the prophets: The staff of Moses, the shirt of Adam, and the ring of Solomon.

Imam Mahdi will come out of the Cave before the Dooms Day. He will exhume Abu Bakr and Umar from their graves and bring them to life. In one day and night he will kill them one thousand times and revive them one thousand times.
Other traditions include Hazrat Uthman among the victims. He will also revive the Mother of believers, Ayesha and flog her one hundred times for committing adultery. He will dispense the same prescription to Maria Qibtiah, the concubine Umm Walad of Rasool.
(Hablillah vol 6 page 32, Alkafi, Muhaddith Al-Jazaaeri)

[Maria, the Coptic being a concubine of the exalted Prophet is a shameless forgery by our Magian historians since the Prophet (S) had abolished slavery once and for all. Umm Walad is the term applied to a concubine who has born a son to her master.]

• Muhammad, the holy Prophet will be the first one to take the oath of allegiance (Bay’at) at the hand of Imam Mahdi. (Basair Darajat pg 213)

• Mahdi will bring people to life and send them to Paradise and Hell (Miratul Anwar pg 68)

• The hidden Imam Mahdi will bring a new religion and the new Book as he comes. (Fasl Al-Khitab pg 283)

• Only Mahdi will bring the real Quran. Until then use the available Qur'an. Remember! One who has no "Taqiyya" has no religion. [Taqiyya = Uttering falsehood to conceal the truth] (Fasl-ul-Khitab, Imam Kalaini, Al-Jazaaeri on the authority of Hazrat Ali)

• The Ahadith of Tirmizi, Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Daud, Musnad-e-Ahmed bin Hanbal, Al-Kafi and numerous other books note differently the period of Mahdi's rule from seven to forty years. Mahdi will fight Gog Magog! To this day it has not been determined who really Gog Magog are. Some far-reaching minds suggested in the past that they were the Mongols. Today's bright Mullahs think they might be the superpowers of this time. In some narratives Gog Magog are shown to be abundantly numerous and intensely foolish but powerful nations. For 3000 years they have had a great wall built around them to keep them from invading other nations. Since then, they have been licking the wall all day until it becomes paper-thin by dusk. That brings a simultaneous sigh of relief from the millions (or billions), "Let us do the remaining task in the morning", only to find that the wall has grown back to its original, full proportions! This has been happening every day for thousands of years. But, Gog and Magog learn no lesson. Around the end of the world, i.e. during the times of Imam Mahdi they will lick the great wall to extinction and set themselves free. Imagine their numbers! They will dash and fill the earth. They will drink up all the oceans on the globe (and ease their thirst with salt water). The narrators do not say what would become of the sea life. Mahdi will watch them like a Super Bowl spectator. The Qur'an does not speak of Gog Magog in any of these terms. THEY ARE THE IMPERIAL, INVADING POWERS OF ANY TIMES.

21:95 Hence, it has been unfailingly true of any community whom Our Law has annihilated, that they would never return to glory (unless),
21:96 And until Gog and Magog are let loose upon them and swarm down from every corner. (Imperialist nations run over and dominate them. And then after some passage of time the desire for freedom and glory germinates in their hearts once again 18:94).

• According to some references the monocular Antichrist will appear around this time.

• After killing Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, one thousand times, Imam Mahdi will gather Muslims on the Scrolls of Ali and Scrolls of Fatima. Mahdi's task will thus be completed. What will happen next? See Tafheemul-Qur'an of Maududi vol IV, explanation of Surah Ahzab, addendum. Maududi has collected quite a few Ahadith from Abu Daud, Mishkat, Muslim, Tirmizi, Musnad Ahmed bin Hanbal, Mustadrak Hakim etc.

TAFHEEM-UL-QUR'AN (by Maududi)

 (In Damascus) Muslims will be lining up for prayers. Takbeer, Aqamat would have been uttered as Jesus the son of Mary will suddenly descend (from thin air) and he will lead the prayers for Muslims. (Ref: Mishkat & Muslim)

 Jesus, the son of Mary will descend. The leader of Muslims (Imam Mahdi) will ask him to lead prayers but Jesus will say, "No, you are leaders unto each other." (Ref: Muslim and Musnad-e-Ahmed)

 The Imam of Muslims will turn back so that Jesus may advance but Jesus will say, "No, you lead the prayers." So the Imam will lead the prayers. (Incidentally, Mullahs world-wide seem to have a burning desire to lead prayers whenever and wherever possible, not realizing its significance.)

However, these three Ahadith do not clarify as to who will actually lead the prayers. Jesus, Mahdi or some ordinary Muslim!

 After ending the prayers with Salam right and left, Jesus will command that the door of the Masjid be opened. Outside, Dajjal the Antichrist will be present with 70,000 armed Jews. As soon as Jesus looks at him, the Antichrist will start dissolving like salt dissolves in water and he will quicken to flee. Jesus will run after him. (After approx. 30 miles of dash and marathon while the 70,000 watch the greatest foot race ever) Jesus will get the Antichrist at the eastern gate of Lydda (near Tel-Aviv). And ALLAH WILL DEFEAT THE JEWS (Tafheem-ul-Quran pg 160). (Please note that Allah will defeat the Jews).

 If Jesus left the Dajjal alone the latter will die himself dissolving and melting. But Allah will get him killed at the hands of Jesus. And Jesus will show his blood on his spear to Muslims (show his blood to get some lollipops!)

 After finishing the prayers Jesus will walk toward the Antichrist with his spear in hand. As soon as the Dajjal sees Jesus, the former will start melting like the melting of lead (not like salt dissolving in water). Jesus will kill him with his spear (no marathon this time). (Tafheem-ul-Quran v.IV pg161)

 Jesus, the son of Mary will descend in the eastern part of Damascus near the white minaret - (The white minaret probably helping the landing). He will be dressed in two yellow shawls and will come down with his hands placed on the arms of two angels. His breath will reach as far as his eyesight and all infidels in the range of his eyesight will succumb instantly. (Pg158)


The Orientalist Dorsey Williams writes:

"The Messiah of Muslims will descend from the heavens holding on to the wings of two angels. He will start breathing fire like a dragon. He will be attired in two pieces of yellow cloth like a sick weakling. The moment he touches the ground, (in times of rockets, missiles and laser) he would hold his spear and race after the Antichrist for thirty miles. The rest of the world would be watching the drama probably on CNN. At the gate of Lydda the Antichrist will say: Brother Jesus! I am tired. I have had it. Please, for God's sake, kill me.

Muslim, Tirmizi, Abu Daud and Ibne Majah report in this Hadith that Jesus, the son of Mary will not concern himself with following or leading prayers. While the same books and others also narrate that first of all he will follow or lead prayers. I will urge Jesus not to pull his spear and have some mercy. Let the dissolving, melting Dajjal Antichrist vanish in peace.”

Williams further comments: The Muslims keep living under the wishful thinking that the Dajjal (Antichrist) will have only 70,000 soldiers in his legion holding only swords in their hands. While Imam Mahdi will be an amused spectator, Jesus the son of Mary will step forward and solve all their problems and get rid of all non-Muslims. (The Return of Jesus pg 271-273)

Note: Some people believe that during those times all technology might vanish, therefore an "Armageddon" of sword and spear is quite possible. But, the same traditions insist that this high drama will take place with science at its fullest glory.


 Not one of the followers of Dajjal will survive the spear of Jesus. (Tafheem vol 4 pg 158) [But, a short while ago all non-believers, infidels had been killed by Jesus's breath!]

 [What will the Muslims do when the Messiah's breath kills all infidels in the range of his sight? Probably clap their hands] Allah (not Messiah) will defeat the Jews. (ref. Tafheem vol. IV pg 168)

 Muslims will prevail and break the cross, kill the swine and revoke jizyah tax. (pg162)

 (Sorry, Muslims will not do that). The son of Mary will break the cross and kill the swine. (pg 155)

 Allah (not Jesus) will kill the Dajjal near the incline of Afeeq. (pg 162)

 (Sorry again, it won't be Allah, rather) the son of Mary will kill the Dajjal at the gate of Lydda (please forgive and forget Afeeq.) (pg. 160)

 The Antichrist will rise among the Jews. (pg165).

 (No, No, sorry!) Without any doubt the Dajjal has to rise amongst you (Muslims) (pg.142)

 Many books of history and tradition narrate a fabricated Hadith that Hazrat Umar Farooq wanted to kill a man believing him to be the Dajjal. The holy Prophet stopped him from doing so saying, "If this man is Dajjal you cannot be his killer. Only Jesus, the son of Mary will be the one to kill him."

Readers should note here that in these fabricated Ahadith, Dajjal is clearly depicted as a man as is the case in Ahadith noted by Maududi. Any interpretations showing Dajjal or Antichrist as a nation, as a super-natural creature, the railway engine etc. are nothing but shameful apologies of the text.

Once the Muslim deviates from the Qur'an and falls into the swamp of conjecture, he finds it difficult to get out. Irrational and apologetic explanations bury him even deeper.

Maududi, the most "authoritative" and popular Islamic scholar of the 20th century writes on page 165 of Tafheem vol 4:

"The literature of Jews is loaded with sweet dreams about the Promised one. They have been living in this utopia for the last many centuries."

Paradoxically, was Mr. Maududi not a victim of this sweet dream till the end of his life? How about other mullahs and their blind followers?

All the above-mentioned lines and paragraphs of Maududi's Tafheem have been taken from addendum to the explanation of Surah "Ahzab" vol 4 Urdu (Maktaba Taameer-e-Insaniat, Lahore).

Maududi has selected these Ahadith from Abu Daud, Muslim, Tirmizi, Musnad-e Ahmed, Mishkat, Hakim etc.

Now watch a beautiful confession on page 163. Maududi unwillingly reveals the truth: "The belief in the Promise one is founded on nothing but Ahadith." (It is nowhere found in the Qur'an)

Everyone seems to be waiting

Wider than the confession of Maududi is the fact that the dogma of a promised one is found almost in every religion of the world. When the Messiah of the Jews comes he will bestow upon them the everlasting kingdom. When the Messiah of the Christians shows up again, the faithful will be taken up to the heavens while the rest get annihilated at his hand. Likewise when the Meeta, Buddha II, arrives he will make Buddhism dominate all religions and turn every human being into a Mahatma. The Mithra of Zoroastrians will herald the return of the lost Maggian glory for his followers. The "Kalki Awtaar" will revive Hinduism to total victory over the rest of the world. The Tri-Thanker of Jainism will unify all human beings on earth into his religion. Then all people will become ‘Bugs Bunnies’ eating plants only. It is amazing to note that even some ancient tribes of Africa, Australia and the Americas charm themselves with this "redeemer" concept.

Let's conceive for a moment that dozens of promised ones have appeared in the world for a final round trying to prevail over one another. Violence, wars, massive blood shed and total chaos ensue as far as our imagination can take us.

(1835? to 1908)

The most interesting claim was made by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadiyan, India in 1888 CE that he was the Mahdi and the Messiah (two in one).

Step One: First he relates that God made him Mary. Then God exercised his power of manhood (i.e. performed sex on Mary Mirza). Mirza as Mary became pregnant. Then Jesus was born. Mary disappeared and now Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is Jesus, the son of Mary. (Ref: Islamic Sacrifie by Qazi Yar Mohammad Qadiyani). Read and enjoy again before going to the next step: How Mirza became Mahdi!

Mirza Ghulam writes in his book Shahadat-ul-Qur'an pg 61- Step Two: It is written in the Bukhari (collection of Ahadith) that a voice will announce from the heavens, “This Mirza is Mahdi, the Caliph of Allah."

Tragic for Mirza, there is no such thing remotely mentioned in Bukhari. And Mirza was the sole figure to be blessed with that voice!

Mirza Ji went onto claim that he was all in one, the holy Prophet, Mahdi, Jesus, Krishna plus the promised one of all religions.

Countless people have claimed to be the promised one, the Mahdi or the Messiah in the last many centuries. It is a strange paradox that people keep waiting and waiting intently for someone to come. But as soon as some priest, monk, mullah, sufi, yogi, mystic, makes the claim, they raise furor against him. They even attempt to kill him!


The real problem with the dogma of a promised one is that it serves as opium for the masses. It snatches from them the will to strive and struggle. Well, someone will come to solve their problems and raise them to glory. The situation is quite understandable as far as other religions are concerned since they do not have Al-Qur'an, the Criterion between the right and the wrong. But it is strange that the Muslims that regard the Qur'an as their authoritative Book keep groping in the dark. We will see shortly that the Final Word of God very clearly rules out the coming of another promised one after Prophet Muhammad (S). We have documented that Maududi in his Tafheem vol 4 pg 163 admits that there is no place for this utopian dogma in the Qur'an.

(1817 to 1898)
Jesus was never raised to heaven
That great wizard of a genius was a commentator of the Qur'an par excellence. Follow his pen.

"Our (Muslim) commentators of the Qur'an have blindly followed the Christian traditions to forge such Ahadith. These so-called experts have assigned totally erroneous meaning to "Raf’a" or the raising of the prophets Jesus (3:55) and Enoch (19:56). The Qur'an absolutely does not portray the raising of these prophets bodily up into the heavens. It describes raising them in honor. The prophecies of the coming of Mahdi and Messiah have been introduced into our history by non-Muslims. The Qur'an is absolutely free of these ridiculous statements. (Ref. Tafseer vol I part 7 pg 123, vol 2 several pages)

(1877 to 1938)

The most outstanding scholar of the Qur'an, Sir Iqbal does not subscribe to the view of ascension of Jesus up into the heavens or to his second coming. Nor does Sir Iqbal see Mahdi as a specific person.

“You O Preacher, have placed God on top of the heavens
What kind of God is He that shies away from his servants?”

See another example:

“He whose self wakes up recognizing the human potential
He is the Mahdi and the promise one of the latter times”

And another:

“Look at God appearing on the minaret of your heart
And stop waiting for the advent of Mahdi and Jesus”

In his English writings against the Qadiyanis, Sir Iqbal thrashed the dogma of a promised one as a Magian and a Jewish heritage.

Abulkalam Azad & Ubaidullah Sindhi

These two noted scholars of the twentieth century in their respective explanations of the Qur'an very forcefully and convincingly dismiss the notion of the advent of a Messiah or Mahdi. (Ref Tarjamanul Qur'an Urdu and Ilhamur Rahman Arabic, commentary on Verse 3:55)

(1849 to 1906)

The celebrated scholar of Islam, Muhammad Sheikh Abd-e-Rabbuhu of Egypt maintains that the stories of a living Jesus in the heavens and his second coming were inserted into our Ahadith centuries ago by Christian scholars so that Christianity may seem superior to Islam.


(1830 to 1899)

This great torchbearer of Muslim unity said, "My intensive research in the Qur'an, Hadith and history has taught me that any human being who tries to save the planet and make it a better place to live is the Mahdi and the Messiah in his own right."


 3:55 “O Jesus! I will cause you to die of natural causes and I will exalt you in honor and I will clear you of the slander of the disbelievers. ---.
 The word Raf’a means honoring or exalting. "Nowhere in the Quran is there any warrant for the popular belief that God has taken up Jesus bodily into heaven." (The Message of the Qur'an, Tafseer by Allama Muhammad Asad 3:55 and 4:158)
 19:56 And make mention of Idris (Enoch) in the Book. Verily, he was a man of truth, a Prophet.
 19:57 And We raised him to a high station of honor. (Allama Muhammad Asad, The Message of The Qur’an)

 The great Austrian scholar and exponent Allama Muhammad Asad writes that the very common belief that
 Jesus was taken up to the heaven in body is absolutely non-Qur’anic and, therefore, it has no merit.

 21:34 We have never granted everlasting life to any human before you. If you die, can they be immortal?
 3:144 Remember that Muhammad is only a Messenger. The Messengers before him have passed on. So, if he died or were slain, would you turn about on your heels?

 This verse makes clear that Jesus too has died. He has passed away and was not raised to the heavens. When Muhammad (S) died not one of his companions complained why he was not raised to heaven like Jesus and Enoch.

 5:3 This Day, I have perfected your DEEN for you, completed My favor upon you, and chosen for you Islam as the System of Life.

 6:115 Perfected is the Word of your Lord in Truth and Justice. None can change His Words and His Laws. And He is the Profound Hearer, the Knower.
 Hence, no further Divine revelation, no further messenger or ‘promised one’ is to come.

 33:40 Muhammad is not the father of any man among you, but he is Allah’s Messenger and the Closing Seal of all Prophets. And Allah, indeed, is Knower of all things.
 Hence, there is no room for a Divinely guided one to come.

 15:9 Behold! It is We Ourselves Who have sent down this Reminder, and verily, it is We Who shall truly guard it.

 Therefore no further prophet, Mahdi or Messiah is necessary.

 21:7 For, before you, We sent none but men to whom We granted Revelation. Hence, (tell the deniers), “Ask the followers of previous Reminders if you know not.” (12:109, 16:43).
 21:8 We gave them not bodies that won't require food, nor were they immortal.
 5:75 The Messiah, son of Mary, was no other than a Messenger, like other Messengers before him who passed on. And his mother was a woman of truth. Both of them were human beings who had to eat food (like all other mortals). See how clearly We explain Our verses for them and note how they keep wandering in thought! (These ignorant people make human beings that eat and walk about in markets, ascend to heaven with their bodies!)

 29:51 Why! Is it not enough of a miracle for them that We have bestowed upon you this Book that is conveyed to them? [The Qur’an must be Sufficient]

 48:23 --- And never will you find any change in Allah’s Law. (Bodily ascension is not a Law of Allah. Returning from heaven to this world too is not His law).

 13:11 Behold, Allah never changes a nation’s condition unless they change their inner selves.

 13:38 And certainly We sent Messengers before you, and We appointed for them wives and children as well.---.

Please stop here and think for a moment: Why would God send Mahdi and Jesus to change the condition of a nation? Doesn't this dogma collide with the rock-solid Laws of the Qur'an? [13:11 above is sufficient]

With God being Omnipresent, the ascension of Jesus or any other human being, and getting seated at His right hand makes no sense. It confines God to some corner in the heavens. It also gives Him an anthropomorphic manlike image which is obviously Biblical. It is certainly not Qur’anic.

Jamaluddin Afghani, Mufti Muhammad Abduh, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Allama Iqbal, Allama Muhammad Asad, Maurice Buccaille, Allama Inayatullah Mashriqi, the brilliant sons of the Ummah, and countless others believe that bodily ascension of Jesus confines God to a certain heaven while the Qur’an makes it very clear that God is present every where.

Some Qur’anic Voices That Denied The Virgin Birth And Ascension of Jesus And the Re-Advent Of Mahdi & Messiah:
Imam Nafees Sheristani of Arabia (395-461 AH) – crucified.
Imam Ash-Shaikh Muhammad Tahir Al-Makki (417-460 AH) – burned alive.
Imam Ahmad Amin Tahir Al-Masri (1883-1953 CE) - tortured to death in prison.
Imam Moinuddin Al-Ash'Ari of Iraq (313-363 AH) - crucified.
Imam Shariq Alawi Mu'tazali of Palestine (407-457 AH) - hanged.
Imam Raghib Al-Isphahani of Persia (1327-1409 CE) - beheaded.
Imam Abdullah Zanjani of Arabia (459-610 AH) – crucified.
Jamaluddin Afghani of Iran/Afhanistan (1830 to 1899 CE)
Mufti Muhammad Abduh of Egypt (1849 to 1906 CE)
Sir Syed Ahmed Khan of the Indo-Pak Subcontinent (1817 to 1898 CE) – declared Kafir
Allama Iqbal of the Subcontinent (1877 to 1938 CE) – declared Kafir
Allama Muhammad Asad of Austria/Gibraltar (1907-1997)
Dr. Maurice Buccaille (Abus Salam) of France (1911-1989)
Allama Inayatullah Mashriqi of the Subcontinent (18888-1964) – declared Kafir
Imam Mufti Vehbi Ismael of Albania (1917-2002)
Mujtahid Imam Kurasani Al-Husseini of Iran (1919-living) – declared Kafir and imprisoned till death
Allama Ubaidullah Sindhi of the Subcontinent (1865-1935)
Allama Tamanna Imadi of the Subcontinent (1895-1961) – declared Kafir
Allama Habib-ur-Rahman Kandhalwi of the Subcontinent (1887-1957)
Allama Aslam Jairajpuri of the Subcontinent (1890-1959)
Fazil Uloom Dinyah Masooduddin Usmani of Pakistan (19013-1985)
Fazil Diniyaat Dr. Ghulam Jeelani Barq of Pakistan (1901-1983)
Allama G.A. Parwaiz of the Subcontinent (1903-1985) – declared Kafir
Allama Rasheed Ridha of Iran (1887-1941)
[Note: The dates given are likely to be inaccurate in some cases.]


Dear reader! Muslims, the so called custodians of the Qur'an, are facing a strange dilemma. The Christian missionaries are asking a few simple questions to Muslims, especially the youth. A sample Q.A. session goes like this:

"Well, dear Muslim friend! You believe that Jesus is sitting in the company of God in the heavens. You also believe that in the final times he will come again. Now just think who is more glorious? - Jesus who is living in the heaven or Muhammad who is buried in dust?

Is that Messiah greater who will come and bring order to the earth or that Muhammad who will wake up when the trumpets are blowing only to find Moses alert and oriented and standing holding the thrown of God! (‘Moses holding the thrown’ is an obvious forgery by the Criminal “Imams”)

The unsuspecting Muslim easily falls into this trap because the religious school and the mullah have taught him exactly this nonsense. Hardly any Sufi or Mullah advises a Muslim to turn to the Qur'an. The Muslim does not study the Qur'an and Hadith himself. He only listens to the clergy. His mind has been enslaved by stories, legends, and myths. According to Sir Iqbal, much of our Hadith and Shari’ah has been plagiarized from the Israelite tradition.


Now let the Qur'an keep screaming: O People! Listen carefully. Allah’s Laws do not change. Bodily ascension is not His Law. Allah has not given immortality to anyone. The messengers before Muhammad have all passed away. Jesus was a prophet like other prophets who used to eat and drink. Let the Qur'an remind again and again that Ad-Deen (Religion) has been perfected. The last prophet has come and gone. The Book of Allah has preserved all commands and laws. All the teachings necessary for the entire mankind have been compiled in this Book. (Therefore, there is absolutely no need for a Mahdi and Messiah to come.) Let the Qur'an declare that all prophets were mortal human beings. Then let it affirm that the dead do not return to this world (23:100-108) and let the Qur'an scream whatever and however, the Muslim places peacock feathers and rose petals between its sacred leaves and squeezes the book shut in reverence with silk covers and binders, and then places it on the highest and the remotest corner in the closet.

RESULT: The Muslim wants to live and die believing that "Imam Mahdi" will come out of the historically mysterious Cave near Baghdad in Saamera or Sura Man Rye. [One wonders why he did not come out during the 1990 Gulf War to date in 2006 to defend Muslims!] He will head straight for Madinah, exhume and revive Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman (the first three rightly guided caliphs of Islam). He will then kill them with one swipe of his sword, not once, but 1000 times in 24 hours (more that 40 times an hour, about once a minute. Revive them kill them revive them kill them!)

The historical narratives and Hadith literature is unclear whether Mahdi will still be a 5 year old child, a youth, a 40 year old mature person or whether he would be 11-1200 year old at the time of his peak performance!

Anyhow the current "fake" Qur'an will be pulled by God up into the heavens, probably angels fishing it up with millions of fish-lines.


Mahdi will then bring the real Qur'an (Mashaf-e-Ali and Mashaf-e-Fatima) and unite all Muslims over them. While unity will be trying to prevail among Muslims, Gog Magog will appear from nowhere! Their population will be so enormous and they will be so thirsty that they will drink all the oceans along with the salt and spills and pollution in no time. Sea life will start living on trees! Mahdi will be getting ready to kill these billions of human beasts and offer prayer in the mosque in Damascus. Right then the Antichrist will lay siege of the mosque along with his legions of 70,000 Jews. Mahdi and two billion Muslims in the world will find themselves pitifully helpless. So, Jesus the Messiah will, without seeking permission from the Father, descend from the heaven near the white minaret of Damascus in the manner of a sick man being supported by two angels. Medium height, two yellow shawls, white, blonde fellow with blue eyes, curly hair as if drenched in water, a short spear in his right hand. With war technology at its pinnacle, a battle of spear and 70,000 swords will take place. Dajjal (the Antichrist) runs away or not - melts down or not, the Messiah will plunge his spear into his chest. Then (most important) the Messiah will show to Muslims the Dajjal's blood shining on his spear (probably to get a good round of applause and a lollipop). Now, suddenly the rocks and trees will start yelling, "O Muslim! O Abullah! O Abdur Rahman! Here, behind me is hiding a Jew. Come, kill him. Before the eye blinks, all 70,000 Jews will be slain! The rest of the millions will probably watch Super Bowl.

Then Jesus breaks the Cross (which will be provided to him graciously perhaps by the Pope) and kills the Swine (gifted to him probably by the Mullah-in-Chief of Damascus). Lo and behold! Two billion Christians in the world will suddenly embrace Islam.

Here the narrators breathe a sigh of relief but only for a moment. Breaking of the Cross and killing of the Swine has been interpreted by the so-called scholars with frank apologies. For example, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadiyan writes that breaking of the Cross signifies the end of Christianity. And that he has done it. On the contrary, during his life and after his demise in 1908, Christianity has beaten up the Muslims quite thoroughly and convincingly. A quick glance at the First World War and the global situation today will suffice to elaborate that point.

Killing of the Swine is interpreted as restoration of the Law of Moses. But, didn't Jesus this time come as a follower of Muhammad? (Our salutes to them)

Ironically, the conclusion of the thrilling story is extremely gloomy and tragic. Like the story itself, the drop scene has been fabricated by our "able" historians, narrators and commentators, and filled in by non-Muslim "experts". Think about it:

The five to six billion years old planet, inhabited by Homo sapiens for a million years - Human civilization for less than ten thousand years - Numerous prophets and reformers, wars and battles, the pursuit of peace, rise, fall, rise and fall of nations - Political and social turmoil, ups and downs - Finally, the advent of the last messenger Muhammad (S) - Gradual evolution of the human culture - Billions of men and women in more than fourteen centuries pass away waiting for the establishment of the Divine Kingdom on earth - What was not accomplished in centuries is done with a stroke of magic by Mahdi and Messiah - They kill all Jews, convert all Christians and pat the back of Muslims. But, the whole scenario suddenly changes. What a lovely scenario it was, paradise on earth! - Peace, prosperity and wellness - Tiger and lamb drinking water from the same fountain - No more injustice, no wrongdoing nor oppression - Men become angels and women become houris (heavenly beauties).

But for some obscure reason, the God of our narrators hates the happy change. Sitting in the skies on His royal thrown, He summons the angel of winds, "O Angel of wind and rain! I hate the tranquility and prosperity of the planet earth. The happiness of its inhabitants is sorrow to Me. Turn about your feet. Quick! Go back. Blow a most noxious wind all over the planet. But watch! Formulate this wind very cleverly. It should be such that my believing servants fall dead as soon as they take their first breath. Then I will send the angels of Doom.” Well, He does. Everything falls apart. Earthquakes, cyclones, fires, and floods have their day out. Mountains blow up like cotton shreds. The sun comes down just about a spear distance from the earth. “My dear angel, I intend to bring this horrible torment upon those men and women who are the slaves of Satan, not Mine.” [Our brilliant scholars and historians keep contradicting themselves] The Dooms Day will befall the slaves of Satan, the infidels. But they had written that His (Jesus’) breath will reach as far as his eyesight and all infidels in the range of his eyesight will succumb instantly. (Tafheem by Maududi, vol iv Pg158)

They had also written that all Jews of the world would perish and all Christians would become Muslim. Muslims, by the blessing of the Kalema, succumb peacefully to the specially formulated gas, and none of them will survive to face the great calamity. Now they change their mind and state that Qiyamat, the Apocalypse, will befall the believers!


The author will feel honored if someone reading this booklet will honor him with a verdict of infidelity. However, let us not forget that the Christian missionaries would be right in thinking that Muslims implicitly believe in the divinity of Jesus. The belief in Virgin Birth, physical miracles, Ascension and Return of Jesus certainly confers divinity on him.

Please watch the following pointed questions thrown by missionaries especially at the Muslim youth:

Question # 1: Do you believe that Jesus was born without a father? The Muslim says, "Yes".

But the Qur’an says: Wonderful Originator of the heavens and the earth! How can He have a son when He never chose for Himself a mate? ---. (6:101)

[So, how could Mary have a son without a husband? Some readers would find this point shocking! But, it has been elaborated in my book, ISLAM AS I UNDERSTAND]

Question # 2: Do you believe in Jesus’ miracles? Didn’t he raise the dead to life? The answer from the Muslim is again a solid "Yes!"

According to the Qur’an, the Divine Laws or the physical laws in Nature never change. (6:34, 6:115, 10:64, 17:77, 18:27, 33:38, 33:62, 35:43, 40:85, 48:23). Physical miracles must defy those Laws, and therefore, they never take place. They can only be understood as allegories.

Look at some beautiful allegories concerning Jesus.
5:110 When Allah will say, “O Jesus, son of Mary! Recall My blessings upon you and your mother. I strengthened you with Sacred Revelation, enabled you to speak eloquently to the people in childhood, and also at the later age (3:45). I gave you revelation and wisdom including the Torah and the Gospel. Recall that you told them that you would raise them from dust up into the heights of glory by My leave (7:176). You made people see the Truth otherwise given to blind following by My leave. You healed the wounds of inequity on people by My leave, and you gave a new meaning to life to those who were otherwise no better than dead by My leave (3:48, 3:111, 6:123). Recall, how I prevented the Children of Israel from harming you when you came to them with all evidence of the truth (4:157). And those who were bent upon denying the truth said, “This is nothing but clear deception.”

Question # 3: Do you admit that Jesus is alive in the heavens while Muhammad is buried in dust? "Of course, yes", says the Muslim. [Wrong interpretation of 3:55 by the Mullah]

Question # 4: Now, don't you believe in Jesus' Second Coming to rectify the problems of all mankind including those of Muslims? Won’t he be the one to kill the Antichrist? The Muslim responds, "Of course, I do believe in all this (junk). How can I be a Muslim if I don't?" [The Mullah has taught the Muslim masses exactly as above]

This is the crucial moment when the Christian missionary embraces the Muslim youngster saying, "This is exactly what we believe and so we are on the same wave-length." The next step is a little favor of some sort. Suddenly, wine becomes fine and the forbidden fruit of dating becomes permissible. “Jesus died for the sins of humanity.” So, life becomes fun without accountability.

This is the current design for the near future. But the foundation was laid a thousand years ago when the enemies of Islam had introduced stories in our Ahadith about Jesus sitting up in the heavens and his advent to the world once again to redeem even the Muslims!


Remember that a living Jesus and his second coming are absolutely non-Qur’anic dogmas. Not a trace of them is found in the Five Article of Faith for a Muslim (2:177). Maududi is absolutely right that this dogma is entirely based on Ahadith and it is not found in the Qur’an. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Jamaluddin Afghani, Mufti Muhammad Abduh, Allama Iqbal, Allama Muhammad Asad (The great Austrian exponent of the Qur'an), Ahmed Deedat, Imam Vehbi Ismael, Mujtahid Imam Al-Husseini, and Maurice Buccaile, Allama Inayatullah Khan Al-Mashriqi, Abul Kalam Azad, Ubaidullah Sindhi, Allama Tamanna Imadi, Allama Habib-ur-Rahman Kandhalwi, Fazil Deeniyat Masooduddin Usmani and numerous other scholars vehemently reject this thought as a malicious fabrication. These great scholars maintain that Muslims may accept only those Ahadith that agree with the Qur’an, and that too only as a questionable source of history, but never as defining the Creed of Islam. The massive Hadith literature was penned down on hearsay centuries after the exalted Prophet mostly by unscrupulous men with vested personal, religious and political interests.

The Prophet (S) is reported to have said that quotations ascribed to him must be checked with the Qur'an. The author of this booklet remembers thousands of Ahadith by heart and he honors those Ahadith that are in agreement wit the Criterion of Al-Qur'an. See A SELECTION OF AHADITH by Dr. Shabbir.

Now it is up to the reader whether to accept the Qur’an or keep these irrational, fabricated stories close to the heart and let the coming generations remain confused and even denounce Islam.

2:170 And when it is said unto them, "Follow that which Allah has revealed", they say, "Nay, we follow that wherein we found our ancestors.” "What! Even though their ancestors (and ‘Imams’) were lacking in understanding and were not rightly guided?”


Imagine once again the following events taking place in the modern age of technology: Muslims are standing at the East bank of the Jordan River. Their commander Jesus is clad in two yellow shawls and holding a spear in his hand. On the West bank of the Jordan River is the archenemy, Dajjal (Antichrist) with his armies. Gog and Magog have also appeared. Both armies East and the West of the river are holding swords. Gog & Magog have sipped and dried up all seven oceans. Mahdi says, "Allah-o-Akbar!" Jesus stops Mahdi from attacking. Then Jesus the Messiah whirls his spear in the air. Millions of infidels scream, "Ah! He killed me." And suddenly, the millions collapse like dominoes. Gog and Magog are swatted like flies by Jesus and his legion.

Only the believers remain on earth. (Today, one hundred Mullahs would come up with one hundred definitions of who a believer is). The Apocalypse is about to come but Jesus stops the angels from blowing their trumpet, “Wait, I have not married yet.” A beautiful believing maiden steps forward and gives herself to him. Instant marriage takes place. All believers on earth are invited to the wedding and at the Valima (the post-wedding reception). Then several children are born in the household of Jesus. Jesus tries his best to convince the audience, "Look, this is my wife and here are my children. So, believe me I am a human being, not divine, and I am not the son of God.” (Please note Jesus is trying to convince the Muslims who already know on the authority of the Qur'an that he was not divine).

Anyhow, the angels appear again with their trumpet. Jesus signals to them to stop and says, "No, wait! One thing is still remaining. I have to die before Qiyamat (the Apocalypse).” With a crowd of billions watching in anticipation, Jesus begins his 800 miles stroll to Madinah. The gentle stroll takes only one hour. There he goes and lies down on the ground next to the Prophet Muhammad's (S) grave. Once again with his index finger up in the air, he screams at the top his voice that he is not and never was the son of God. He also announces that in his second coming too he was only the son of Mary and Joseph. No prophet, no nothing, just a humble follower of Muhammad (S). Then he closes his eyes and peacefully breathes his last. Men and Angels of the entire Universe are summoned to attend his funeral prayers.

With all empathy to the respected reader, the story of insults to human intelligence has not ended yet. Our brilliant historians show mood swings in hundreds of books, essays, copies, and commentaries. These insults are so numerous that it is difficult even to list them.

I believe and hope that I have been able to convey the essence of the trash our "respected, revered and honored", so-called scholars and Imams of the Islamic History, have generated.


Let's bear some more insults for the sake of some semblance of completion. Our brilliant historian gets stuck in his own mess. He has to explain Dajjal. This powerful creature is described differently in different books. To be brief, he is a master magician, has supernatural powers, can travel at lightning speed. He can kill people and bring them back to life!

Sometimes, he happens to be a European and at other times he becomes the leader of the Jews. He has a blind right eye. Letters K F R (KUFR = Infidelity) are inscribed on his forehead. Sometimes he is seen as the railway and at other times the railway becomes his donkey. But in the end, our “Imams” are unable to decide whether it’s a man or a nation, whether he is literally blind in the right eye or does it mean that his spiritual eye is blind! Some Mullahs think Dajjal signifies the Christian nations, and some Christian clergy grant this honor to Muslims. The details in the related books reveal ignorance and apology at their height.


Mahdi at times happens to be a Sunni, at others a Shiite. A four five-year-old kid became forty years old within 40 days back in 873 CE! Today in 2006, he should be 1,133 years old.

Hundreds of people in the Muslim world have claimed to be Mahdi in the past centuries. I have seen one in chains in 1970! And they will keep coming until the Muslims return to the Qur'an.

There is a host of descriptions of Jesus in the literature. He is an old prophet and he is the follower of Prophet Muhammad (S). His appearance is remarkable. People will recognize him as a man of medium height, blue eyes and a reddish white complexion. Of course, there is no question of tanning in the heavens. His blonde hair looks as if water was about to trickle down from them but it doesn't. He is clad in two yellow cloths. The sick looking man supported in his descent by two angels. Suddenly he becomes mighty (like Popeye the sailor after eating spinach) and wealthy (without owning Microsoft) and showers so much of wealth that soon no one in the world is willing to accept it. He will abolish the Jizyah taxes. [Everyone will be a Muslim, so what Jizyah taxes will he abolish?]

We have already seen the most interesting fake picture drawn by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadiyan.


Dear reader, more than 60 million Americans and approximately 300 million Christians and Jews worldwide believe in the myth of Armageddon. Yes, they are waiting, but they are not in a state of morbid “masterly inactivity”.

Breaking News: Grace Halsells' book, "Forcing God's Hand", published in 1999 and the Washington Report of March 2000 on Middle East Affairs have reached me just today (April 7, 2000). A quick glance at these two publications indicates that there is a massive collaboration underway between fundamentalist Jews and Evangelists trying to force an urgent Armageddon. Detailed plans have been made to demolish Haram Ash-Shareef (Masjid Al-Aqsa) and the Dome of the Rock (Qubba-tus-Sakhra) in Jerusalem. Evangelists and Rabbis are preaching that the Messiah will come only when the new and the third Jewish Temple has been built at the site of the Holy Muslim shrine!

This Messiah will annihilate all people on earth but Jews and Christians for "they worship a tribal God concerned with only two peoples Jews and Christians". (Grace Halsell)

The Christian interest, according to the Washington report, rests in providing a landing base to the Messiah at the new Jewish temple after destroying Masjid Al-Aqsa.

My good friend Dr. Javed Khan of New Jersey has called and suggested to include the translation of a verse of Sir Iqbal here:

The way of the “infidels” is plan and action for Jihad
The way of the Mullah, in the name of God Fasaad (corruption in the earth)

Now a few excerpts from these two publications:

 USA shows unmatched combination of high levels of education and high levels of religious belief and activity.

 Now is the time for the temple to be rebuilt.

 The Israeli government must end the pagan Islamic occupation.

 Who is the Antichrist? --- A personified opponent of Christians ----. He will take over the government of the world.

 Who are Gog and Magog? --- Enemies of Israel. Generally taken to mean Russia, China (and of course Muslims).

 The Arab World is an Antichrist World.

 Jews are the earthly elect and Christians are the heavenly elect of God.

It is easy to see that the promised one of each nation seems to be bent upon destroying the other peoples. Will mankind make this horrible scenario a self-fulfilling prophecy?

It is the author (Dr. Shabbir's) conviction that no promised one will ever appear (The last one to come was the exalted Prophet Muhammad) and, God willing, mankind will choose the path of love and peace rather than tread the horrible way to a Third World War. Mankind has to and eventually will become One Community as ordained in the Last Word of God, Al-Qur'an. Amen!

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