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My study of Al-Qur’ân
By:Ahmed Moosa, Cape Town
Date: Tuesday, 5 May 2020, 4:13 pm


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My purpose for writing this article is that over the past decades during my study of Al-Qur’ân I have met people of different faiths and have had cordial and constructive religious discussions. However, when discussing Al-Qur’ân with Muslims I find there is outright hostility from the majority, and I realized that it is because of lack of knowledge of Al-Qur’ân that makes them behave in such a manner. I put it down to the following reasons:

They have not read the Divine Book for themselves with understanding so they do not know the Message of Al-Qur’ân.
They believe, because they have been taught that one cannot Study Al-Qur’ân on their own but need to have a ‘learned person’ who has been to a Darul Uloom to supervise their study of Al-Qur’ân.

So I decided to take their advice and have compiled the following questions for the ‘learned scholars’ to help me get answers from Al-Qur’ân.


I would be grateful if the learned scholars can answer the following questions from Al-Qur’ân Only not from any other Book. After all, as Muslims we know that Al-Qur’ân is the only Divine Book in existence and is a Direct Revelation from Allâh[1]. And this is mentioned numerous times in the Book Itself that Al-Qur’ân is a Book Of Guidance for mankind[2]. So there should not be any difficulty in answering the questions by the scholars who studied for many years in the various institutions to learn Islam.

Below are some of the questions, as I would not like to burden them with all my questions at one time. I thank in advance for your kind assistance.

What is the specific purpose, or reason that Al-Qur’ân is Revealed for? The Qur’ânic reference please with chapter and verse.
Kindly quote the Qur’ânic chapter and verse that specifically states clearly who is a believer in Al-Qur’ân from one who is not?
Can you kindly give the specific Qur’ânic chapter and verse of the Law of Interpretation of Al-Qur’ân?
Can you kindly enlighten us who explains Al-Qur’ân, and at least ten Qur’ânic references with the chapters and verses.
How many times does the Arabic Qur’ânic word Tafseer appear in Al-Qur’ân, and the reference/s please.
Can you kindly give at least one reference (chapter and verse) of Tashreef, and what is means according to Al-Qur’ân, and at least five references of Qur’ânic examples of how these verses should be understood so that it becomes clear to lay persons.
The Qur’ânic Arabic Language is Divine, as stated in The Book, so can you give two Qur’ânic references please.
Do Al-Qur’ân have any challenges to prove that IT is Divine? Can you give at seven Qur’ânic references of the chapters and verses please?
Al-Qur’ân has a falsification test to prove that IT is Divine? Chapter & verse please.
(a) How many times does the Qur’ânic Arabic word Sunnah appear in Al-Qur’ân? Chapters and verses please. (b) What is the meaning of Sunnah as defined in Al-Qur’ân,
How many times the Qur’ânic Arabic word hadîth appear in Al-Qur’ân? Kindly quote all Qur’ânic chapters and verses please.
How many times do the Qur’ânic Arabic word Shar’riâh appear in Al-Qur’ân with the references please?
Kindly give at least five Qur’ânic references of chapters and verses of who Guides to the Divine message?
What should believers and the messengers use as a basis of judging? Give at least five Qur’ânic references.
(a) In which Qur’ânic chapter and verse is the Weightiest in Evidence mentioned? (b) Can you give references of at least fifteen chapters and verses why Allâh states that Al-Qur’ân is the most weighty in Evidence?
In how many ways, or modes or methods does Allâh communicate with His creation? The Qur’ânic reference of chapter and verse.
Was Al-Qur’ân revealed all at once or in stages? Give four Qur’ânic references please.
Where are the Original sayings of Muhammad recorded? There are hundreds, but give at least 50 such sayings which cannot be argued or disputed against by any believer of Al-Qur’ân.
(a) Has anything been omitted, from Al-Qur’ân? (b) Has Allâh made any mistakes in Al-Qur’ân? (c) Has Allâh forgotten anything in His Book? Please give Qur’ânic references.
Is the system of performing Wudhū mentioned in Al-Qur’ân? Chapters and verses please.
Al-Qur’ân is referred as Mercy in a number of verses. Can you give at least five such Qur’ânic references with chapters and verses please.
Allâh claims that All Truth emanates from Him alone. Give at least two Qur’ânic references please.
Allâh stated that He will protect His Book from all kinds of corruption etc. Can you quote the relevant Qur’ânic chapter and verse?
(a) Where can one find the Original At-Tâurât and Al-Injîl? Kindly give at least five references from the Divine Book to substantiate, chapter and verses. (b) In what language was the At-Tâurât and Al-Injîl Revealed?
Kindly give four references where Muhammad is mentioned in At-Tâurât and Al-Injîl, by name as well as by direct implication. Note: I am not referring to the four verses where the name Muhammad is mentioned by name.
Can you please give the reference where the Bani Isrâeel is first mentioned by Allâh in the Divine Book?
Kindly explain the difference between Bani Isrâeel and hâdu as explained in Al-Qur’ân, with a few Qur’ânic references, chapter and verses.
Kindly explain the following two verses in the Light of Al-Qur’ân, using the Qur’ânic Law of Interpretation, with examples: (a) chapter 21 verse 107 (b) and chapter 4 verse 59.
When Allâh says that He has given mankind a Trust, which should not be betrayed, what is He referring to? The specific Qur’ânic chapter and verse please.
Is Al-Qur’ân difficult to understand? Chapter and verses please.
(a) Kindly quote the Qur’ânic chapters and verses of where the next life will be? (b) And how that will come about?
How many deaths will a human go through in this life? Qur’ânic reference please.
Is there any punishment in the grave? Kindly provide proof with Qur’ânic references.
Will human beings have the same bodies as in this life? Qur’ânic reference please.
What does Al-Qur’ân say about sects? Four Qur’ânic references please.
What does Allâh say will happen when people divide themselves into sects? Chapter and verse please.
What are the consequences to one who distorts, or changes the meanings of any word/s, verses/s of Al-Qur’ân to mislead others? Qur’ânic chapter and verse reference.
Is believing at the time of death acceptable to Allâh? Give two references please.
(a) What is shown to every person at the moment of one’s death? (b) What is the reaction of the dying person? Give examples from Al-Qur’ân.
What was the approximate age of Mûsâ when he was called to the mount Tuwa to be commissioned as a messenger? Qur’ânic chapters and verses to substantiate please.
Was Mûsâ familiar with the performance of Hajj? If he was the Qur’ânic reference please.
Kindly give the amount of Zakât one should pay? Give one specific chapter and verse, about the amount, and two others that are connected to the main verse.


Did Muhammad know or did not know beforehand that he was going to be chosen as a messenger? Give at least two Qur’ânic references of Chapter and verses.
Please quote the lineage of Allâh’s messengers as stated in Al-Qur’ân.
(a) Can you quote at least five Qur’ânic chapters and verses stating the nature of all Allâh’s messengers? (b) Two references of chapters and verses where Muhammad is specifically told to say what his own nature is.
Dis Muhammad come with any Book other than Al-Qur’ân? If he did kindly give Qur’ânic references to prove such a claim. Or if not, then also provide Qur’ânic proof.
What did Muhammad follow? Kindly give at least ten Qur’ânic references of chapter and verses.
What should the followers of Muhammad follow? Give at least ten Qur’ânic references of chapters and verses.
Did Muhammad forget any verse or any part of Al-Qur’ân? Qur’ânic reference please?
What is the doctrine of Muhammad, and for that matter of all Allâh’s messengers? Provide at least five Qur’ânic references of chapters and verses please.
(a) Can a believer in Al-Qur’ân make distinctions amongst Allâh’s messengers? (b) And what are the consequences of doing so? Qur’ânic references please.
Did Muhammad do any miracles? Please give evidence of such miracles.
How should Muhammad and his followers propagate the Message of Al-Qur’ân? Kindly give two Qur’ânic chapters and verses references.
Was a new Dȋn (religion) given to Muhammad, or was it the same as previous messengers? Please give at least five Qur’ânic references.
Could Muhammad guide anyone to the path of Al-Qur’ân? Please give two references?
(a) Muhammad committed inadvertently mistakes that are recorded in Al-Qur’ân? Kindly give at least four such Qur’ânic references. (b) Also provide Qur’ânic chapters and verses of how that was corrected.
Can Muhammad guide anyone? Three Qur’ânic references of chapters and verses please.
Will Muhammad, or any other messenger, intercede for their family or for anyone? Qur’ânic references please.
Who has exclusive power to intercede? Qur’ânic chapter and verse please.
What does Allâh command Muhammad about sects? Chapter and verse please.
Did Muhammad perform salât? Kindly give three specific Qur’ânic references with chapter and verses.
Did Muhammad lead his companions in salât? Qur’ânic chapters and verses.
Can you give specific chapters and verses where Allâh informed Muhammad that he was not present when two incidents took place? One regarding Mûsâ, and the other regarding Maryam.


There are many more questions, but I would not like to burden the learned scholars with too many at one time. I am sure that the learned scholars who have been to the various institutions will be able to answer these questions from Al-Qur’ân without any difficulty. Upon receiving answers to my questions above, I shall then send a further set of questions.

Please email your answers to my email addresses below.

Thanking you in advance.

Yours sincerely,

Ahmed Moosa

Cape Town.

5 May 2020.

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ymoosa786@hotmail.com / aym49541@gmail.com