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Indian Muslims are getting beaten and killed
By:Syed Rahim, Karachi
Date: Monday, 4 May 2020, 9:35 pm

Indian Muslims are being implicated in false cases, beaten: Hatred is on the peak

Syed Rahim


This is irony that Muslims in India are being targeted everywhere and spread of corona is being fixed on them. Who will do the justice? After Zakir Naik all religious organizations are intentionally accused in one offence or the other. Their 100% biased media is busy in animosity and hostilities only and only against Muslims. They are arrested but not released after months even their corona test is negative. Only Muslims and their ulema and religious centers are humiliated. Is India going to do genocide? This is time to fight for human lives unitedly,.

In Pakistan lock down is continuing but Masajids are open and Alhamdolilllah things are under control. Distance and cleanliness is maintained even in huge gathering of Jumma and Taraweeh. Many organizations and well to do people are distributing rations individually and in groups to laborers and needy people and Imran Khan did historic business in distributing Rs.12,000/- to all the needy people transparently. This timely action of Imran Khan will be written in history. He is working on other packages and will soon be announced. I wrote this because I saw Indians moving bare footed to reach their homes after the lock down in a very miserable situation. As a human being and as a Muslim (we follow Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) who is helpful for the whole humanity, I am sad and pray for all to Allah to finish the prevailing epidemic from the whole world.

I request all to help Indian Muslims whose crime is believes in Islam.

May we come out from the present time. May Allah Jallahshanh accord His mercies, ameen.

Syed Abdir Rahim
Karachu, Gulistan-e-Jauhar 18
E-206 Rufi Lake Drive

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Indian Muslims are getting beaten and killed
Syed Rahim, Karachi -- Monday, 4 May 2020, 9:35 pm
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