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By:Hashim A Jamal, London, UK
Date: Wednesday, 29 April 2020, 10:15 pm

Dear all


Recently there was a slightly disparaging post regarding Guru Nanak Sahib by a gentleman called Hashim Jamal* from London.
My name also happens to be Hashim Jamal and I also happen to be from London. I have been posting since 2015 and I am one of those people who would rather listen and read than talk.
I have briefly read Dr Shabir's article Hindutva and Ram Rajiya- CHAPTER VII Sikhs-Friends or Foes? and do not find anything about Guru Nanak Sahib the way Mr Hashim Jamal* from London has portrayed him to be. I stand ready to be corrected.

Henceforth, to differentiate myself from that Mr Hashim Jamal* from London, I will post under my name Hashim A Jamal, London.

Respect to all and all religions

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