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Jesus is returning to kill Coronavirus
By:Pastor Thomas Mathai, Sri Lanka
Date: Monday, 27 April 2020, 10:36 pm

Whether you believe it or not, Lord Jesus Christ is going to return very soon to establish a Kingdom where perfect love, equality, justice and fraternity will exist.

The main aim of the constitutions of leading countries in the world is to establish charity, equality, fraternity and justice among their citizens. Almost all countries ' constitutions utterly failed to fulfil these objectives. What is the purpose of India achieving freedom from the British? Since 1947, India and Pakistan are engaged in continuous direct and indirect battles pumping millions of dollars for arms and ammunition, when the majority of the population in both countries (almost 60%) is living in abject poverty. Bloodshed is increasing day by day among the citizens of various countries. For all practical purpose, the people have lost faith in religious institutions as their leaders advise violent reprisals and lose the faith in Almighty God, seeing the outrageous activities of their so> called spiritual leaders.

There are many religions, cults and which advocate meditation, yoga and some other ethical and philosophical ideas. In some cases, although the religions deny the very existence of Almighty God, they engage in teaching some sort of "Nirvana". Few of them perform continuous chanting of devotional songs and discharge rituals to please God without having transformation in the innermost part of their hearts. Poverty is increasing even in so called socialist and communist countries. Communism totally failed in many countries and their original ideology is kept in the freezer. Affluent and developed countries are wasting their money for weapons when millions of people are dying for want of enough food. A person seeking the vital truth should sincerely ponder over the issue to find out the basic reason for the above tragedy. Millions of people become victims of deadly diseases daily. All so called progress in wealth and materialism will not have any value unless a person achieves spiritual transformation in his heart and mind.

What is the main and basic reason for violence, disorder and moral decay in society? The main reason is that majority of the people have left the True Almighty God and are engaging in sinful activities in their private and public lives; thereby basic natural justice is denied in society. Many people try to deliver good things; but, due to their sinful nature and power of sin, they practically commit immoral deeds on which they do not have any control at all.

Then the question arises as to who can deliver people from their guilt of sin, power of sin and presence of sin? All ethical and philosophical teachings have utterly failed in this regard. ONLY LORD JESUS CHRIST, who died on Calvary 2000 years ago for the sins of the world, can solve these problems and can save humanity from the moral decay. If anyone sincerely believes in Jesus, accepts Him as Lord and Saviour and also confess sins to Christ, then his/her sins will be forgiven. Lord Jesus died on the cross for the sins of the whole world and was buried. On the third day, He rose from the dead and is now living. He will return triumphantly to take His saints. Unless one's sins are forgiven, the real restoration of peace and order with total transformation (Parivarthan) will not take place.

He told His disciples "that you should love your neighbour as you love yourself and you should even love your enemies and bless those who curse you". Lord Jesus gave best teachings of real sacrificial love that shall ultimately save humanity. Further, Lord Jesus Christ declared during His public Ministry, that "He is the Saviour of the world and HE IS THE ONLY WAY, TRUTH AND LIFE". Before the crucifixion, Lord Jesus Himself prophesied that Jews would be scattered and taken as slaves to various countries, but would one day return. According His prophecy, in 1948, Jews from all over the world returned to their fatherland to establish their country. There are several prophecies which are already fulfilled, some of them are still taking place before our very eyes and the remainder will occur very soon.

In case you want to have participation in the glorious rule of Lord Jesus Christ, you should accept Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour and start worshiping God in truth and spirit. Once you come to the personal experience of eternal salvation, the Spirit of God will move into your spirit, mind and body and this Spirit will help you to worship the Lord in truth and spirit. All other sort of worships, rituals and chanting songs will not be acceptable to God. You shall also receive the SURETY of forgiveness of your sins, get real joy, peace and love which the world can never give. You shall also receive a great hope that you will be translated into glorious spiritual body when Lord Jesus Christ comes again to take His saved and prepared ones. Then Lord Jesus Christ will virtually establish His Kingdom in this world, making Jerusalem as His capital. There will be no more fighting between people. The true love, fraternity, equality and justice will come into effect. Till that time, this world will continue under the present conditions without having the real joy, peace and accord among people.

Dear Brother/ Sister, the whole history is centred on the birth, death and resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ. The Christian calendar has> become the legal calendar of the whole world. Mythological and> legendary persons can never bring any transformation in the hearts of people. Communism tried to bring changes through violent ways, but it also utterly failed to bring transformation and love among people. The Christians try their level best to give best education to their followers and also to others so that they can independently find out the real truth that shall set them free from sin and other bandages. They are also engaged in rendering the selfless service to humanity.

May Almighty God bless and give you a true seeking heart to find out the reality, find out the eternal salvation and also prepare for the coming of Lord Jesus Christ.

By Dr.Thomas Mathai

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Jesus is returning to kill Coronavirus
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