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Zakat 2.5 %------? Why, how and when.
By:abdalaziz ariff / indiana
Date: Monday, 27 April 2020, 8:27 pm

Zakat 2.5 %------? Why, how and when.

Allah the Rabb says in the Qur’an---Left nothing out, all subjects explained in detail. It is the BEST HADIS [AHSANUL HADIS].

The following two links show you the verses with the whole numbers and verses with fraction numbers.

But no where 2.5 / for zakat.

As Ustad Ahmed Deedat will say-its an amazing situation.



Qur’an demands for us to think again. Do not follow the forefathers.
Change is hard, but it’s a must and is needed.

LOL : no change - then join the tariq jameel’s school of crying, or go to visit shrines and lick the closures or go to throw stones at jamarat [pagan practice]. Warning-when throwing pebbles make sure there are no charged up pathans or sudanees behind you. Somehow they find large size of pebbles at Muzdalifa to throw plus their sandles. If they miss the target, and you are ahead of them-then your head may get hurt. This will make my man Br. Sidqi very mad :-)