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Re: Confusion
By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Thursday, 23 April 2020, 8:18 pm
In Response To: Confusion (Muhammad Rafi Karachi)

17:31 Do not kill (AWLADAKUM) your children (nor deprive them of good rearing) for fear of poverty. We are the One Who provides for them as well as for you. Surely, killing them is a grave offense. [Killing children = Slaying them = Depriving them of proper education and training = Rearing children callously. The Divine System will take responsibility of all your needs. 6:151, 9:111, 20:118. Lane’s error: Edward Lane translates WALAD as an unborn child only. But it means any male child, born or unborn (Ref: Raghib). A female child is BINT. (Only in the 20th century we have become able to determine the fetal sex in-utero.) The plural AWLAD would apply to children, male or female as in progeny and offspring.]

7:172 When your Lord brought forth generations in succession from the Children of Adam, and made them bear witness, “Am I not your Sustainer?” - ALAST BIRABBIKUM? - They said, “Yes, we bear witness.” Thus you cannot say on the Resurrection Day, “We were not aware of this.” [Min Zuhoorihim = From their posterity = In succession = Their seed = One generation following another. The uninterrupted survival of mankind is a telling witness for them that there is an Almighty Sustainer of the Universe]


FROM 6:151 & 7:172
[The uninterrupted survival of mankind is a telling witness that there is an Almighty Lord Who nourishes the Universe according to His Master Plan.]

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