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Beggars are not choosers :-( :-( :-(
By:jawaid ahmed, uk
Date: Saturday, 18 April 2020, 12:56 pm
In Response To: Beggars are not choosers :-( :-( :-( (Dr Shabbir, Florida)

Dr Saab, where in the Qur'an does it say we are allowed to transgress the bounds set by Allah in order to avenge the transgressions of others?
Freeing people by nuking millions of other innocents is not an option!
And where does it say we can go to the kufar and ask for their ill-gotten wealth?

Faasiqoon (singular, Faasiq) = Those who drift away = Who slip out of discipline = Those who cross the bounds of what is right = Fruit whose seed slips out = One who transgresses Divine Laws and thus becomes vulnerable to desire and extrinsic challenge.

Zulm = To displace something from its rightful place = Replace good with evil = Relegate the truth = Transgression = Oppression = Violation of human rights = Wrongdoing.

‘Udwaan and its derivatives = Wedge = Creating distance between hearts = Discord = Crossing the bounds of Law = Committing excesses = Deeds beyond decency = Transgressing moral values. Creating wedges of discord between people = Causing dissension = Spreading disorder and corruption = Promoting racial, sectarian and nationalistic hatred.

4:30 (After such clear Guidance), people and nations that indulge in transgressions and injustice, shall form a society that burns itself (according to Our Law). Then We will cast them in the Fire, and it is easy for God.
4:31 If you refrain from the great transgressions against humanity that are prohibited in the Qur’an, for example, violation of human rights, We have room in Our Laws to remove the slight inequities in your society, and admit you through the gate of honor in this world and the Hereafter.

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Beggars are not choosers :-( :-( :-(
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Beggars are not choosers :-( :-( :-(
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