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Grace Halsells' book on the End Game
By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Tuesday, 14 April 2020, 10:42 pm

April 2000

Dear reader, more than 60 million Americans and approximately 300 million Christians and Jews worldwide believe in the myth of Armageddon. Yes, they are waiting, but they are not in a state of morbid “masterly inactivity”.

Breaking News: Grace Halsells' book, "Forcing God's Hand", published in 1999 and the Washington Report of March 2000 on Middle East Affairs have reached me just today (April 7, 2000). A quick glance at these two publications indicates that there is a massive collaboration underway between fundamentalist Jews and Evangelists trying to force an urgent Armageddon. Detailed plans have been made to demolish Haram Ash-Shareef (Masjid Al-Aqsa) and the Dome of the Rock (Qubba-tas-Sakhra) in Jerusalem. Evangelists and Rabbis are preaching that the Messiah will come only when the new and the third Jewish Temple has been built at the site of the Holy Muslim shrine!

This Messiah will annihilate all people on earth but Jews and Christians for "they worship a tribal God concerned with only two peoples Jews and Christians". (Grace Halsell)

The Christian interest, according to the Washington report, rests in providing a landing base to the Messiah at the new Jewish temple after destroying Masjid Al-Aqsa.

My good friend Dr. Javed Khan of New Jersey has called and suggested to include the translation of a verse of Sir Iqbal here:

The way of the “infidels” is plan and action for Jihad
The way of the Mullah is, in the name of God Fasaad (corruption in the earth)

Now a few excerpts from these two publications:

 USA shows an unmatched combination of high levels of education and high levels of religious belief and activity.

 Now is the time for the temple to be rebuilt.

 The Israeli government must end the pagan Islamic occupation.

 Who is the Antichrist? --- A personified opponent of Christians ----. He will take over the government of the world.

 Who are Gog and Magog? --- Enemies of Israel. Generally taken to mean Russia, China (and of course Muslims).

 The Arab World is an Antichrist World.

 Jews are the earthly elect and Christians are the heavenly elect of God.

From Dr. Shabbir's book, "WHEN IS THE MESSIAH COMING?" It is easy to see that the promised one of each nation seems to be bent upon destroying the other peoples. Will mankind make this horrible scenario a self-fulfilling prophecy?

It is the author (Dr. Shabbir's) conviction that no promised one will ever appear (The last one to come was the exalted Prophet Muhammad) and, God willing, mankind will choose the path of love and peace rather than tread the horrible way to a Third World War. Mankind has to and eventually will become One Community as ordained in the Last Word of God, Al-Qur'an. Amen!

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