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Religion vs Covid-19
By:shahalam, TX
Date: Tuesday, 14 April 2020, 9:39 pm

Government in Pakistan has prohibited social gatherings in the wake of spreading deadly virus causing over 90 deaths in the country. As precaution assembly of people in public places and restaurants have been banned. But the council of Ulemas in recent press conference have announced their resolve to keep mosques open for all five prayers including Friday congregations. Lockdown will not apply to mosques and rulings for Traweeh and Itikaf will be announced on 18th April.

Corona, in a way, highlights a conflict between religion and science. Ulemas explicitly advise that corona fear should not precede God fear. Prayer is salvation and closing mosques will rob society of its divinization. Virus science merely tells that it could spread and become deadly to a few. But it does not judge nor has the power to evaluate ultimate consequences of defying Ulemas decision to keep mosques in business. Viral fear should not supersede them since all life and deaths may be because or regardless of the virus.

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Religion vs Covid-19
shahalam, TX -- Tuesday, 14 April 2020, 9:39 pm
Religion vs Covid-19
Dr Shabbir, Florida -- Tuesday, 14 April 2020, 9:58 pm