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Re: Ramadan suggestions/ideas? - 2.
By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Monday, 13 April 2020, 7:28 pm
In Response To: Ramadan suggestions/ideas? - 1. (Dr Shabbir, Florida)

Welcome again!

Respected Sister Courtney,

VERY IMPORTANT: Please remember that the Qur'an in your hands is exactly in the sequence in which it was revealed. This truth is contrary to what the N2I have tried us to believe.

Its order and arrangement were exactly as we see today. Contrary to popular belief, Surah 96. Al-‘Alaq, with IQRA as its first word, was not the first Surah revealed to the exalted Prophet.

Historical accounts written two hundred years later claim that this was the very first Revelation to the exalted Messenger, but we find this proposition a flagrant fabrication. In fact, these fabricated accounts portray a picture of the exalted Messenger having been terrified by his encounter with the Angel Gabriel in the Cave of Hira! Then he comes back home shivering in fright and his wife Khadijah r.a. reassures and covers him with a blanket. Then she takes him to her cousin Waraqah bin Nawfil who was a Christian scholar, and amazingly, he is portrayed as the first one confirming that the exalted Messenger had indeed received a Revelation from God, and yet he himself does not embrace Islam! The story in itself concedes the ‘secret’ that it was fabricated by some Christians long after the era of the Prophet (S).

So, you may start reading the Qur'an from the very beginning although starting it anywhere will make no difference to your understanding.

Please also note that some Muslims started marking the Qur'an into thirty portions [JUZ - singular, AJZA - plural, PAARA in Persian - singular] when the printing machines became available. This was done only for the memorizers (Haffaz) to keep count. You can see the JUZ numbers on your Qur'an copies other than QXP.

During Ramadan, the Hafiz Mullahs in Masjids recite one JUZ every night in order to complete the entire Qur'an in the month. They always begin with Surah. 1 - Al-Fatihah

I hope I have done justice to your queries.

May Allah bless you!

A lifelong student

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