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Ramadan suggestions/ideas? - 1.
By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Monday, 13 April 2020, 5:45 pm
In Response To: Ramadan suggestions/ideas? (Courtney, Maryland)

Respected Sister,

Salams to you and your honorable family,

I live with my wife, her widowed elder sister and their very elderly mother. I see Allah's blessings all around me, so nice are these wonderful ladies. Then, our lovely children live only 10 minutes away.

According to the Qur'an, we consider fasting a blessing yet there is a given alternative. An individual does not have to fast if there is some hardship. He/She must arrange for a full day's feeding of a needy person; 30 needy people if it is for the whole month.

2:184 Just for a fixed number of days. But if any of you is sick or is on a journey, he may make up the same number of days later. For those who can go through ‘Saum’ only with hardship, there is an alternative: the feeding of an indigent. But the one who gives more on his own volition, it will be good for him. However, going through the training program of ‘Saum’ is good for you if you knew better.

I do not go to a mosque either since it is difficult for me to stand THE ignorant Mullahs. I capitalized THE since I see no exceptions :-)

My boys, their wives, and children go to the Masjid on Fridays.

Our extended family in Orlando get together at our home every evening. We study and discuss the Qur'an, DEEN Islam, Comparative Religion and Mullah distortions. Current events, some poetry, and literature - COVID-19, of course.

Farida's mother whom I consider my mother as well, is an early bird. She wakes up at 4 AM and starts preparing breakfast for all, her daughters help her a bit later. Mama dictates the kitchen out of bounds for all until 5 AM (or the SAHOOR/SAHRI time in Ramadan).

One of the kids or grand kids leads us in Maghrib (3 rak'ats or units only) OR 'Isha (4 rak'ats or units only) prayers and explains the reading to all. Then there is a Q&A session usually held by Farida.

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