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(Allah’s rights & Human rights)
By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Sunday, 12 April 2020, 5:18 pm

Huququllah & Huququl‘Ibaad (Allah’s rights & Human rights)

Those trying hard to establish the barbaric man-made Shari’ah by hook or crook are cruelly floundering human rights. Is their any compulsion in religion? [2:256]. These criminals must be annihilated.

The misguided Muslim clergy have deceived the masses into thinking that there are two kinds of rights, the rights of God and the rights of humans.

ONE: Huququllah (God’s Rights). Such Muslims as worshiping Him day and night, praying even eight times a day including ‘Chaasht’, ‘Ishraaq’ and ‘Tahajjud’, chanting ‘Wazeefa’ verses, even Hadith recitations and and ‘Kalemaat’, randomly and repeatedly reciting some verses of the Qur’an without understanding, running for Umras again and again to show their 'richdom' and indulge in countless other rituals. Few Muslims (about 5%) go through these non-Qur’anic rites and rituals but they keep announcing them to show piety. The rest 95% have been programmed by the ignorant clergy into living through life feeling guilty about not performing these rites.

The term 'Huququllah' nowhere appears in the Quran.
Only one Right of God is mentioned and that is helping the needy with one’s wealth.

Allah commands us to give Him His Right. [Give God His Right = Render to the poor what is their Divinely ordained right whenever you reap harvest or earn income. 6:141]
6:141 He is the One Who creates bounties for you, such as gardens that are cultivated, greens that are wild, palm trees of various kinds, crops in diversity, olives and pomegranates, fruits that are similar and diverse. Enjoy them, but give Him His Right on the Day of the Harvest. And waste not the bounty of God. He does not love the wasteful. [‘give Him His Right’ = Give God His Right = Render to the poor what is their Divinely ordained right.]

TWO: Huququl ‘Ibaad (Human rights). The so-called Muslims are drenched in the non-Qur’anic rites, rituals and superstitions of all kind. They are busy ‘earning’ Thawaab (the wishful thinking of attaining rewards for performing these empty rites and rituals).
No wonder, the Number Two Islam followers fall dismally short in guarding human rights which is the central theme of the Qur’an. They fail to realize that one can expect lasting rewards only by serving His creation.

“The real existence on earth is of the one that benefits humanity.” (13:17).