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COVID-19 is a racist virus
By:Audra Livingstone, USA
Date: Friday, 10 April 2020, 11:49 pm
In Response To: HOW COVID-19 WILL SEIZE YOUR RIGHTS (Aarun uk Truther)

COVID-19 Attacks Black Populations Throughout the United States

We all know that a virus can’t be racist, however it seems that the media has yet to figure that out. In a recent report by NBC News, it was stated that “African Americans may be dying from COVID-19 at a higher rate” and that they would need to have more racial data to determine exactly how many Blacks were affected by the virus.

The facts they relied on for their report were from stats received stating that 70% of people dying in Chicago from COVID-19 were African Americans—although Blacks only make up 30% of the city’s population—and that 81% of people dying in Milwaukee County were Blacks—although the county is only 27% Black as a whole.

To make matters worse, the article goes on the discuss how African Americans are facing higher rates of death than anyone else and that this has been seen in other places like Philadelphia, Detroit. What’s most shocking is that after giving such statistics, the advocates and health officials in the report go on to suggest that more data be given on African Americans so that the pandemic itself could be better understood.

The only thing that is understood here is that somehow race has found its way into a viral pandemic that will somehow turn global if we continue to allow the media to control the information that we receive. To suggest that African Americans are more prone to the virus given their inability to pay for medical treatment is not only racist, but it’s also very ignorant.

There are a large number of poor White, Spanish, and people from other races and cultures throughout the United States who are unfortunately seeing their fair share of suffrage from this unfortunate pandemic that is currently ravaging through our communities. To single out one race in an effort to prove to the world that Black people are at a higher disadvantage is not only irresponsible, but it’s also lacking in factual weight.

In the report shared by NBC, it was admitted that statistics and data on race and its correlation to COVID-19 was incomplete. If this is so, why would the network bother to discuss the deaths of African Americans in this country without making it clear that the numbers were representative of smaller populations of Blacks that lived in certain pockets throughout the United States?

Has the ignorance of fear and racial divide found its way onto a platform that was once wholly reserved for a universal illness? Is this merely the beginning of a racial war that is targeted toward Black people within this country? Does the network not understand the impact it has on less-educated individuals who may not know to do their own research, and instead, will simply accept what they are fed through the media?

Either way, this is far from good. Not only are we witnessing the beginning of a one-world system through this global pandemic, but we are also witnessing the attempt to smear the African American with ideas that they are more susceptible to deadly diseases than anyone else.

It should come as no surprise if the government soon uses racial data to determine which group should be quarantined and which should not. To state that all members of a certain group have the same immune system is not only ludicrous, but it also shouldn’t be allowed in the media. Responsible media is imperative to overcoming any pandemic and it requires the use of compassion, intelligence, and unbiased reporting.

Hopefully we can all learn a lesson in this type of reporting. If not, we will all suffer from it sooner or later.

By Audra L.

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COVID-19 is a racist virus
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