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QXP: Dr. Shabbir's Qur'an Translation
By:Sadiq Alam, Dhaka Bangladesh
Date: Friday, 10 April 2020, 8:17 pm

Your Qur'an Translation

Fri, Apr 10 at 10:27 AM

Dear Dr. Shabbir Ahmed,

Greetings of Peace to you.

I am fascinated by your translation and the more I read it, the more I love your depth of your translation. I am starting to recommend your work to my friends who are coming to Quran based understanding and rejecting hadith and all sectarianism.

I have a question on Zakat. I find your footnotes and translation on Zakat very closely resonating to its actualization. I was wonder if you ever wrote any separate article summarizing the teachings of Quran on Zakat?

On a personal level what is your practice?

I envision a day when even in small communities this principle is applied. Has that been possible in your case? How do we start it without waiting for a change elsewhere or "if an Islamic Government who gets it comes one-day scenario"?

Dhaka, Bangladesh


Sadiq M. Alam

Founder and Head of Ideas

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