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The Qur'an: Fine Arts
By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Friday, 10 April 2020, 4:40 pm


The Qur’an nowhere curbs the aesthetic sense, but ask any Mullah and chances are that he will declare paintings, sculptures, music and photos, Haraam.

43:70 Enter the Garden, you and your spouses, rejoicing and singing. [Hibr = Singing in delight, lovely music]

As a rule, nothing that is Permissible in Paradise can be Forbidden in this world since life is a continuum.

7:32 Say, “Who has forbidden the beauty and nice things Allah has brought forth for His servants, and the pure clean things of your choice?” Say, “Such things are for those in this world who attain conviction in the Divine Laws. And on the Day of Resurrection, they will be exclusively for those who attained Conviction.” We thus explain Our Laws for those who make good use of what they learn.
Is it surprising that the Nine Commandments given in the Quran 6-151 and 152 exclude the ‘graven images’ of the Ten Commandments given in the Bible!

Inspite of the Second Commandment, Bible followers create masterpieces of fine arts, including sculptures, while the deplorable Islamic clergy going to extremes, deprives Muslims of creating or enjoying beautiful paintings and sculptures, images, pictures, films, photography, music, and all kinds of fine arts.

[Nine commandments … Graven images of the Bible not mentioned]
6:151 Say, “Come, let me convey to you what your Sustainer has enjoined upon you as a sacred duty:
i. Associate none with Him.
ii. Honor your parents, treat them kindly and fulfill their needs.
iii. Neither kill your children for fear of poverty nor deprive them of proper training and education. We provide for you and for them. (The Divine System will take care of your needs and their needs.)
iv. Do not come near immodesty or indecent deeds, whether openly or secretly.
v. Do not slay a life - life that God has made sacred - except in the course of justice. This He has commanded you so that you may use your intelligence.”
6:152 God commands you further:
vi. Do not approach the wealth of the orphan except to improve it until they come of age with full maturity of body and mind.
vii. Give full weight and full measure in all your dealings. Uphold justice in all aspects of your life. Our commands are meant to widen your human potential. We do not assign any ‘self’ responsibility beyond its means.
viii. And when you voice an opinion, be just, even if it is against a relative.
ix. Fulfill your Covenant with God, the unwavering allegiance to the Divine System. This He commands for you to bear in mind. [1-4-5, 9-111]
The Quran repeatedly encourages good aesthetic sense. But ask any Mullah and he will declare most of the fine arts Forbidden.

30:15 As for those who attained belief and fulfilled the needs of others, they will be made happy in a Meadow of delight listening to beautiful music.

See a brief panorama of Prophet Solomon’s empire:
34:12 And to Solomon, We gave him abundance in the mining of copper and minerals….
34:13 They worked for him (Solomon) as he desired: making beautiful arches, sculptures, paintings, music instruments and fixed boilers. We said, “Labor O Children of David, in gratitude for what you have been given. Few of My servants are truly grateful in practice.” [Please note a Prophet of God decorating his kingdom with arches, sculptures, paintings and joyous music. ‘Jif’ = A string instrument with drum = Musicale = A boiler fixed in the ground. Muslim orthodoxy, unfortunately, declares all this as Forbidden. 17:101, 27:12]
43:70 Enter the Garden, you and your spouses, rejoicing and singing. [Hibr = Singing in delight, lovely music]
7:33 Say, “My Lord forbids only: Indecent shameful deeds, open or secret. Actions that hurt the “Self” and drag down the individual and collective human potential. Unjust aggression. Idol worship in any form. It has been completely unauthorized by Allah, And that you say things about Allah that you know not.”
Reflect on this verse again:
7:32 .... "Who is there to forbid the beauty and aesthetic niceties that God has brought forth for His servants, and the good things of sustenance?” .....

[Mullahs say, "Well, we are here to forbid all that!" They know very well that girls and women welcomed the exalted Prophet from roof tops singing in delight upon his migration to Madinah. Then, we find numerous Ahadith extolling men and women companions of the exalted Prophet enjoying the singing and dancing on music in his presence right in Masjid Nabawi. The Mullahs never tire of applauding Hazrat Daud's enthralling penchant with music and singing calling it ‘Lahn-e-Daudi’]