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QUR'AN: A Good Leader Must Be Sincere & Competent
By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Sunday, 5 April 2020, 9:55 pm

AL-QUR'AN: A Good Leader Must Be Sincere & Competent.

QAWI & ALEEM, HAFEEZ & AMEEN embrace Sincerity & Competence.

The Qur'an highlights only two great qualities for a leader or servant.

28:23 When he arrived at the wells of Midyan, he found a crowd of people watering their herds and flocks. And he found two women who were keeping away their flocks. He asked, "What is the matter with you?" They said, "We cannot water our flocks until the shepherds take back their flocks. And our father is a very old man."

28:24 So he watered their flocks for them; then he turned back to the shade (of the tree he had been relaxing under). And he said, "My Lord! I am in dire need of any good that You bestow upon me and any opportunity that You provide me for doing good."

28:25 Shortly afterward, one of the two maidens came to him walking shyly, and said, "My father invites you so that he might duly reward you for having watered our flocks for us." As soon as Moses came to him and told him the story, he said, "Have no fear! You are now safe from those oppressive people.”

28:26 One of the two maidens said, "O My father! Hire him (Moses)! For, the best one you can hire is [AL-QAWEE-UL-AMEEN] the competent, the trustworthy." [Competence and trustworthiness are the essential prerequisites for a responsible job. 12:55]

12:54 The King said, "Bring him to me so that I may appoint him a close adviser to me." And when he had spoken with him, the King decreed, "From today you have a high standing with us, invested with all trust." [Note the Egyptian head of state of Prophet Joseph's era referred to as ‘Malik’ (Ruler or King) and not as Pharaoh, the word that appears erroneously in the book of Genesis. The term Pharaoh came in use only for kings after 1500 BC which historians call the New Kingdom. Prophet Joseph lived around 1700 BC during the Old Kingdom, that of Amalekites. In the story of Moses, the term Pharaoh is used for the Egyptian ruler. Moses lived around 1400 BC during the New Kingdom, that of Pharaohs]

12:55 Joseph replied, "Place in my charge the land resources (the treasury) of the State. I will prove to be a [HAFEEZUN 'ALEEM] knowledgeable guardian." [Now that he could personally handle the coming drought. 28:26]