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Re: Friday prayers at home
By:Syed Rahim, Nawabshah
Date: Saturday, 4 April 2020, 9:16 pm
In Response To: Friday prayers at home (Dr. Aslam Abdullah, CA)

There is nothing wrong if the Masjids are closed. It is for the safety of people.
Allah knows if our hearts are pure and so HE will not punish us for closing the Masjids.
Allah is not only in the Masjids but in our homes too. Honest prayers reach HIM from everywhere.

We should be talking about why this calamity/Azhaab has come on us?
This is the best time to give Allah's truth to everybody.

Mainly, those who are fake Muslims pretending to be Muslims, using the fake ID of Islam and Muslim and trying hard to destroy Islam.

Allah has again and again tried to warn us to follow HIS way of life.

We should be teaching people to walk on the path of Allah-Swiratul Mustaqeem and obey HIS orders and commandments.
Let us grab this opportunity in the time of sadness and Azhab and preach Allah's message and explain why and what is the reason for this calamity.

Al Quran has made it clear and given all the answers.

Sr. G.

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Syed Rahim, Nawabshah -- Saturday, 4 April 2020, 9:16 pm