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Muslims Are Immune To COVID-19???
By:Mohammed Usman (Saudi Arabia)
Date: Monday, 30 March 2020, 8:59 pm

Muslims Are Immune To COVID-19???

Does it seem that Muslims are relatively immune to the impact of the spreading coronavirus?

It is true that the Islamic world is not suffering from COVID-19 to the degree that non-Muslim nations are. But, according to practitioners of Islam, this has nothing to do with any kind of “natural immunity” but simply because Muslims who follow the teaching of the Koran are “cleaner” than “infidels.”

The idea is that those who follow Allah’s commandments and the prophet’s examples have a much better chance of evading diseases than non-Muslims do.

Muslims here and abroad are certainly boasting that this is the case, considering how little the coronavirus has spread among Islamic nations. They attribute this boon to Islam’s ritual washing (wudu); they are also quoting a hadith where Muhammad reportedly said, “Cleanliness is from belief,” as proof that the more a Muslim submits to the teachings of Islam, the “cleaner” — and therefore healthier — a Muslim becomes.

Of course, any teaching or axiom that extolls cleanliness is beneficial in these troubled times. However, it is hardly enough to boast of immunity from the virus by followers of Islam. Also, keep in mind that the ritual washing prescribed in the Koran, is for prayers and spiritual reasons, and not necessarily for personal hygiene, so again for Muslims to claim they are inherently cleaner than non-Muslims, is not true.

Please understand, the purpose of this piece is not in any way about shaming Muslims. It is only to explode the myth about Muslim boasts that say that the more someone follows Islam, the “cleaner” they will be, and therefore less prone to catching COVID-19.

The main reason Islamic countries seen to be affected less by COVID-19 has more to do with their restrictive travel policies, than any religious beliefs. As the virus spreads, the number of cases in Islamic countries will undoubtedly grow as well.

The bottom line is, to prevent the spread of this disease, you have to stay home, practice social distancing when you must go out, and wash your hands regularly – it does not matter what your race, creed, or religion is.

We are all in this together.

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