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Re: Gloomy days ahead.
By:shahalam, TX
Date: Saturday, 21 March 2020, 11:41 pm
In Response To: Gloomy days ahead. (Muhammad Rafi Karachi)

Fear (and precaution thereof) is naturally ingrained within us as a preservative to protect us from evil. Its job is not to destroy our understanding, throwing us into imminent pandemonium. But to assist imagination in seeing things in a sober perspective.

In a worst scenario, too much Corona precaution will likely cause economic, financial crash, food shortage (bread shelf seen empty), famine, riots, guns, killing each other, etc. etc. Because fear feeds fear to grow monster insane; a sin far more detrimental than the poor virus.

The estimated virus mortality rate is less than 3 percent. The rests of the percentage are or will recover in time. But the loss of human reason/sanity because of obsessive act of precaution will likely overshadow virus. So, what options more logical in such an extreme cases? Life, sanity?

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