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Massacre of Indian Muslims
By:Javed Rashid, Mirpur AK
Date: Friday, 20 March 2020, 4:53 pm

“An Inquiry in to the Anti-Muslim Violence in Northeast Delhi by aTeam of Doctors that Visited the Affected Area”. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_VvnTi9Z-XgnzV00zJr_qGk9vqgtLbwK The documents includes- horrific photographs of the massacre, do not watch if you have a weak stomach. The ferocity and barbarity of this demands that International bodies take IMMEDIATE ACTION and NOTICE (although I see a slim chance of that happening) the savagery of this massacre should prompt Indians to take action, if they don’t they will rue this fact.

Rape was used by India as an instrument of war in: Partition; Indian Occupied Kashmir; Indian Punjab, in Naxal Maoist hit regions of the North West and elsewhere in India. This resulted in rape being an accepted way of life; Indian became the rape capital of Asia.

If this massacre is unpunished the savages who did this will repeat this and the victims could well be the 30% Indians who do not support BJPs Muslim hate thesis and actions.

The ferocity of this massacre resembles the Pol Pot actions and need to be investigated and people punished. Perhaps Government of Pakistan should take this to UNHRC, even a citizen, say an Indian Muslim could also report this to UNHRC ( IF ANY ONE WISHES TO DO THAT I WILL ASSIST AND PROVIDE FORMATS AND PROCEDURES)