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Ray of hope - Jesus is coming- Nonsense!
By:Richard Dawkins Foundation
Date: Thursday, 19 March 2020, 8:36 pm
In Response To: Ray of hope - Jesus is coming to save the world (Pastor Thomas Mathai, Sri Lanka)

"Jesus is coming to save the world." Nonsense!

We are just at the beginning of an indefinite period of fear and confusion as the coronavirus pandemic bears down on every facet of our lives. Our community of skeptics and humanists is distinctly suited to this moment, well-positioned to be a badly needed voice of reason and compassion amid the noise of misinformation and recrimination. It’s a time for all of us to serve as candles in the dark.

There are countless ways we can be of use. The most recent episode of our podcast Point of Inquiry is dedicated to separating coronavirus fact from fiction, and many other outlets are stepping up to help audiences weed out scams and conspiracy theories from their media diets and teach them the best ways to stay safe.

One of our most powerful weapons against the virus is also one of our oldest: soap. This week we’ll get a better understanding of why something so common and simple is so effective in keeping us healthy.

While we sound the alarm about blatantly fake coronavirus cures, we must also keep up the fight against fake medicine more broadly. We’ll have an update on our lawsuit against Walmart regarding their deceptive marketing of homeopathy, as well as shine a light on another retailer using the pandemic as a chance to bump its sales of homeopathic snake oil.

Despite the pandemic, our work against religious privilege carries on, and we’ll see how the Center for Inquiry and its allies are opposing efforts by religious organizations to exempt themselves from accountability for their hiring and firing. We’ll also get a deeper look at how nonreligious Americans get counted in national surveys.

Finally, we’ll get a healthy dose of perspective from psychologist, skeptic, and former Disney “Imagineer” Troy Campbell, who will show us that skepticism is about so much more than pointing out what’s wrong.

We’re all in this together, so let’s do our part.

Robyn E. Blumner,
CEO and President, Center for Inquiry
Executive Director, Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science

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