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Coronavirus COVID-19/America At A Standstill
By:Linda Goodman, VA
Date: Monday, 16 March 2020, 7:07 pm
In Response To: Coronavirus COVID-19 in India-1231 die in 2 days (Gurmeet Singh, India)

America At A Standstill

Here’s the latest on the coronavirus crisis.

The nation’s top infectious disease expert says it will be a while before things start to feel normal again. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is now advising against gatherings of 50 people or more for the next eight weeks.

With the number of coronavirus cases worldwide surpassing 150,000 and some 6,000 deaths, governments continue their struggle to contain the pandemic. Here's a snapshot by region of what is happening as of Monday.

After taking the weekend off, senators will reconvene in Washington on Monday afternoon with the intent to approve the House-passed economic relief bill to blunt the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on American workers.

States hit hardest by the spread of coronavirus will see drive-through and walk-up testing sites set up this week, the White House said on Sunday. Priority will be given to health care workers, first responders and people aged 65 and older with respiratory symptoms and fevers.

President Trump over the weekend urged travelers coming back into the United States from Europe to be patient as thousands waited for hours in long lines to be screened for the coronavirus. That led to sharp criticism of the Trump administration from public officials around the country.

A spring without baseball? Saturdays without soccer? March without Madness? Such is the uncharted world of sports in the age of coronavirus.

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