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Most Outrageous Hoax That Turned Turtle Our Islam
By:Shakeel Ahmad, Dubai
Date: Wednesday, 11 March 2020, 12:44 am
In Response To: Most Outrageous Hoax That Turned Turtle Our Islam (Dr Shabbir, Florida)

Respected brother,

Assalamo Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahe Wa Barakatahu.

You have been fighting a gallant war against Mullah Islam. Hats off to you!

I hope and pray that this finds you in the best of health and Eiman, Insha-Allah! May Allah bless you with good health, lots of wealth, peace, prosperity and happiness!

I am not an Islamic scholar, so cannot answer your questions.

My focus was on highlighting the huge arena of education that we left while squeezing ourselves to just a small part of it. No education is a crime, but if an entire community leaves out for others a huge field to excel in, leaving for itself just a tiny part and enjoying this marginalising of its role, by defining "education" in a faulty manner, this act may be a sin.

The Mushrikeen of Makkah who got captured would be set free in lieu of teaching (imparting education) to the children of Muslims - for sure, they were not expected to teach Quran, hadeeth or fiqh. Right? The Muslims (sahaba) were not just learning islam, but also horse riding, fighting wars with swords and other means, digging trenches, apart from trading, finance, apart from what is compartmentalized today as Islamic (deeni) education. They did not do this compartmentalisation, right? Then, who are we to do so? Of course, when we quote "Even if we have to go to China, ....", we just need to think of what education was available in China ... not "deeni" in its compartmentalized and marginalised form, right.

Deen being a way of life, "deeni" education cannot be just this or that ... but it must be an education of everything, in every arena, every field, every sphere. Right? This was what I had tried to express ... but, not being an expert in communications, I might have failed in my effort. But, if you git the idea, even now, I would be happy to note.

So, my mission is to bring back to madrasas, all kinds of education, make madrasas focal point of education, once again. AMU could have been a great example of this kind of holistic education, if it had remained in the hands of muslims, financed wholly by the community. If government finance did not come with conditions that dilute the mission, then only their financing was welcome. Mother Teresa is known to have rejected the government offer to aid her mission, possibly due to this fear of government intervention and dilution of the mission. Most Christian missionaries run great educational institutions without any aid from the government at all. Let's bring back the glory of education and research to madrasas, let's make them the focal point of all sorts of education needed to succeed in this world, to regain the leadership of this world by being useful to the world, with an aim to fulfill the primary mission of Allah. Let's be useful for the mission we have been sent for, as khairul ummah.

May Allah bless you with the true success of this world as well as of the hereafter!

PS: Actions may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action, so act we MUST.
Wishing you and all your loved ones the greatest of times ahead!
Aspiring 2 c u happy!

Shakeel Ahmad
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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