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Re: What is munkir-e-hadith
By:Mohsin, Netherlands
Date: Monday, 9 March 2020, 8:11 pm
In Response To: Re: What is munkir-e-hadith (Shangrila Suhag, Spain)

I am a He not a she and Europe not Haiti but for some reason the system picked the version before edition. But this is trivial, the real question is on what authority people declare someone as Munkir-e-hadith and
what is this term Namoos-e-risalat? and used sometime with munkir-e-hadiths. Lot of these terms I recently heard on PK media. I know the meaning of both but for some reason their usage has increased a lot in recent times.

I will be very happy and thanksful if someone will shed some light on this matter.

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