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Secular Jinnah Channel - Urdu videos
By:Saleena Karim, UK
Date: Sunday, 1 March 2020, 10:02 pm

Secular Jinnah Channel - Urdu videos

Sat, Feb 29 at 4:04 PM

Hello folks,

Many of you have said you would like to see our videos in Urdu. We intend to do so immediately. The Urdu version of my introduction has gone live on YouTube now, and every video we make in English will be followed by the same in Urdu.


Thank you all for the support you have shown us so far. And thank you also to our resident translator and voiceover team, who have done a wonderful job in making our Urdu videos possible.

Look out for the first in a short series of videos coming very soon which will be about the Munir quote and its influence in and out of Pakistan. It will be for the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with both the history and the debate.

All the best, and take care,


Saleena Karim