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We Muslims are badly sectarian
By:Husna Shibli, India
Date: Friday, 21 February 2020, 7:33 pm

QUOTE: We are divided into sects and our education is divided into Deeni and asree (duniyawi) compartments - deeni education alone is claimed to be for muslims, leaving the asree for others. The prophet didn't divide, his companions didn't divide education into such compartments. When we did, we squeezed our educational arena to quran, hadeeth and related matters (fiqh etc.), so much so that for thousands of years, we haven't completed our research on whether to say Ameen loudly or silently, where to hold our hands while standing in prayer, whether to raise our hands or not. So much so, that we got divided into hundreds of sects and groups, through continued research only on these aspects. So much so that we became enemies of each other, thirsty of each other's blood!!

UNQUOTE: All these things were not there in Muslim India. King Akber was the first lustful culprit who brought Deen-e-Ilahi, though it wasn't Allahs' deen but the subjects used to do ibadah of this culprit. Deen-e-Ilahi was framed by the bikaau ulama and they are the ones who sowed the seed of division. Hazrat Mujaddid Alf-e-thani fought this war and this Deen-e-Ilahi was thrown into oblivion.

Then the Mughals went into Mahellati sazishen that weakened them for English to take over India. They tried every effort to weaken the iamn of Muslims, again they found bikaau ulama like Ismay'eel Dehlavi, Nazeer Hussain Dehlavi, Syed Ahmed Barelvi, then Madrasah Deoband to create Qasim Nanotvi, Rasheed-e-bey rushd Gangohi, asharrafe'li thanvi, Husain Ahmed Madanpuri, then ahlehadees ulama to make several sects and then division after division in undivided India and this cleavage is still growing. Can we give any time for research? Then why this hue and cry??

But in spite of these divisions, we got out freedom, carved out Pakistan out of it, fought wars with a very mighty and powerful India, developed atomic energy and arsenal, we are growing.

I understand the plight of Indian Muslims at the hands of Hindu majority, their religious discord kept Muslims fighting while pushed against the wall. Don't be despaired, the young generation is smart enough to defeat those Hindu rulers, wait and see.

Don't forget that Foreign powers aren't friendly with Muslims, they try to crush us militarily and economically, but they can't be able to crush our spirits and we shall learn new ways of surviving.