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A nation who is in the middle.
By:Tahseen Shah, Pakistan
Date: Friday, 14 February 2020, 6:03 pm

We have made you " ummatan wasatan" A nation who is in the middle. ( Al Quran)
Path of enlightenment is in the middle ( as Gautham Budh said)
Muslims are in the middle, on one side we have Yahoud and on the other we have nasarah.
Similarly the nucleus of Muslims is Ahle Sunnat wal jama'at.
Ahle Sunnat wal jama'at is in the middle and on one side we have Khawarij ( Wahabi,ISIS) and on the other side we have Rafawiz, rafadah ( shias/Ismailies)

What is the daleel?
Now please listen carefully. These things you will not and can not find in books. So pay attention please.

Shias are on Hazrat Ali's side but hate Abu Bakr, Umer and Azwajul Motahharat. ( Radi Allah anhum Ajma'een). It is spiritually like that.
On the other side Kahwarij hate Prophet (SAWW) and Prophet's family ( it is spiritually like that), they also hate Sufis ( Tasawwuf is basically from Hazrat Ali and Prophet (SAWW) family and most of the sufis are Syeds

So on one side we have rafadah ( shias) , on the other side we have Kahwarij. In the middle are ahle Sunnat wal jama'at ( Ummatan wasatan). Ahle Sunnat love Prophet's Family and as well as Sahabah and Azwajul Motahharat.

Shias have spirituality and intuition. That is why you will find poets among Shias. They are like Christians. And hence like Christians they have exaggerated Hazrat Ali's maqam.
Khawarij do not have Intuition and can not even write poetry. They have no connection with spiritual world. They are like Jews. Jews kill prophets and Wahabis hate Prophet (SAWW) and His family. Would they ever accept that they do hate Prophet (SAWW)?. Off course not. But observe them carefully and you will know.
So what is the difference between Sahabah ( Abu Bakr. Umer. Uthman) and Prophet's family Hazrat Ali.? This will be discussed in the next email.

Tahseen Shah

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A nation who is in the middle.
Tahseen Shah, Pakistan -- Friday, 14 February 2020, 6:03 pm
A nation that is in the middle.
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