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Gender Equality or Economic Doom
By:Yasmin Shinwari, Peshawar
Date: Tuesday, 4 February 2020, 10:13 pm

Gender Equality or Economic Doom: You Decide

Imagine where America would be if all labor value reduced by 50 percent within your lifetime. If you lack imagination, you can simply think back 50 years or talk to an older relative.

Drunk on the illusion of equality, with the questionably positive notion of becoming part of a tax cattle ranch embedded deeper than any embryo could reach, our women celebrate in fixed concentration on the silver lining of a two-income house – never thinking too hard on why two incomes now accomplish what one previously allowed.

If sex were to be taken out of the conversation, we could never interpret such an economic catastrophe as anything but cause for despair – or cause for buying gold and getting your security team in order. As we see the rise of left and right forms of identity politics, note the fingerprints of marketers on each pillar of social justice we construct.

Like parents hanging their child’s painting on a refrigerator located in a burning building, we’ll hold up trivialities to awe over and masturbate to until overwhelmed by the smoke. Hopefully, by the time bread is a thousand dollars a loaf, we have enough trans CEO’s to give my little heart enough hope and good feels to ignore desperate poverty for at least another day.