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How to Exterminate Muslims in India?
By:Asad Mahmud Khan, RWP
Date: Tuesday, 4 February 2020, 9:48 pm

Subject: How to Exterminate Muslims in India?
Importance: High

How to http://www.themodernreligion.com/assault/india-ext.html
Exterminate Muslims in India?

http://www.themodernreligion.com/assault/india-ext.html> Dalit Voice,
Editorial, May 16-31. 1999


Muslims ruled over Spain from 712 AD t o 1492 AD for 780 years, yet today there are no Muslims in Spain though every aspect of Spanish life has a touch of Islam.

Spanish language has many Arabic words, its music has an Arabic tone, its
culture has more Arabic influence than the European, and proper nouns in
Spanish often have the Arabic prefix al. From 1492, when the last bastion of
Muslim political strength Grenada fell, the Muslims of Spain were on the
decline and its culmination took place after 120 years when the last batch
of Muslim die-hards left Spain in 1612. From that year, Islam vanished from
the Spanish horizons.

A particular noteworthy point is that during this period of Islamic decline
from Spain, the entire civilised world was ruled by Muslims. The Ottoman
Turks had conquered Constantinople in 1553, and were ruling the entire
Balkan Peninsula, Egypt was ruled by the powerful Mamiukes, Persia was at
its political pinnacle under the Abbasi rulers, and India was ruled by the
Moghals. Still Islam vanished from Spain and none of these great Muslim
armies did anything to protect the Muslims of Spain. How Islam was ejected
from Spain had been a subject of keen study by lndia's Hindu Nazis in the
30s and 40s of this century. They studied this aspect to be copied in India
and to counter this possibility, the Muslim leaders also studied this to
prevent a repetition of the Spanish methods because Muslims (forming 11.35%
of the population as per 1981 census) as lndia's single largest minorities
have become the biggest headache to the upper caste Hindus. But the
present-day Muslims are totally ignorant of the history of Islamic decline
in Spain and hence of the designs surrounding it. Through this we intend to
shed a little light on this subject so that the thinking section of the
Muslims and their sympathisers may do some more research on this subject.

As in India, Spanish Muslims had three categories: (i) the descendants of
the original Arabs, (ii) descendants of Arab fathers and Spanish mothers and
(iii) Christian converts to Islam.

Immediately after the fall of Grenada many of the original Arabs to save
their lives (not property, as they were not permitted to carry their wealth)
left Spain to Tunisia and Morocco; many died on their journey by the
attacking Christian hordes. Rest of the original Arabs who opted to live in
Spain itself were subsequently branded 'foreigners" (as in India) and
destroyers of Spain. The other category of Muslims viz. the descendants of
Muslim fathers and Christian mothers and converts from Christianity opted to
live in Spain believing in the declaration of King Ferdinand that complete
religious freedom would be guaranteed. (in India also, we are told that
Muslims enjoy full religious freedom and minority rights). The attacks by
Christian on their lives and property during the earlier years was pardoned
as a temporary phenomenon. Compare it with the development that took place
in India after the partition (1947). But these attacks on Muslim life and
property in Spain did not abate but continued for about 50 years with lesser
intensity in a sporadic manner, just as it is happening in India today.

In the earlier years, the Indian Muslims resisted and fought back. There
were mini-battles in the streets, but gradually there were one-sided attacks
and every time Muslims were the losers. Of late, the Hindu police itself is
let lose to kill the Muslims in India.

While the organized Christian groups were committing such massacres,
Ferdinand's Govt, in Spain adopted the policy of eliminating Muslims from
the services and adopting the following measures:-

Arabic was removed from administration, schools attached to mosques were
debarred from teaching academic and secular subjects like science, history,
mathematics and philosophy. Only religious teaching could be imparted,
Lessons in history were faked by which the Muslim rule was dubbed as
barbaric. Contribution of Muslims to the development of Spain was avoided,
Muslim houses were made objects of constant searching by police on
allegations of arms hoarding and secret meetings, Original Arab Muslims were
projected as enemies of Christians and destroyers of Spain.

Christian converts were persuaded to reconvert to Christianity on the ground
that their ancestors were forced to become Muslims and as there is no more
coercion, they should revert to Christianity.

Muslims who were from Muslim-Christian parentage were branded as bastards
and ridiculed and persuaded to revert to Christianity. Marriages performed
in the Islamic manner were directed to be registered with the judicial

Islamic law was declared illegal. Every method followed in Spain is being
experimented in India with better precision and timing. Thus Muslims in
Spain were made objects of ridicule, condemnation and continuous attack.
Burning of Muslim houses and shops was encouraged to destroy their economy.
Mock ceremonies of reconversion of Muslims to Christianity were held and
publicized. In India, Hindu Nazis of all hues-Arya Samaj, Ramakrishna
Mission, Vishwa Hindu Parishad etc,. are doing the same. The first two
generation of Spanish Muslims adopted passive methods to save their religion
by teaching Arabic to their children at home and mosques, and telling them
orally about the realities but gradually they lost the zeal.

When marriages were ordered to be celebrated only through Govt. agencies,
Muslims in early stages performed dual marriages - one with the Govt.
authorities and again privately in their homes in the Islamic manner.
Gradually the second ceremony was given up as even such a private ceremony
was banned. During this period, Muslim masses gradually fell out of the
grips of the Muslim leadership and Muslim elites started flocking to Turkey,
Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt where they were received with sympathy. Poor
Muslim masses were left uncared for. This is exactly what is happening in
India. The richer, English-educated Muslims are getting Brahminised. They
have become imitators of upper caste Hindus as they live not in Muslim
localities but in Hindu areas. The poor Muslims (they form 95% of the Muslim
population) live in ghettos and being better followers of Islam, they are
left high and dry. Hence they are getting killed in all anti-Muslim riots.

The seeds sown in the first half of the century in Spain started yielding
results in the second half. There was no political leadership, no
organization to protect Muslims and enlightened personalities to save the
situation. Religious leaders knowing nothing but Islamic' theology tried
their best to save the situation, but against heavy propaganda by the Govt.
agencies, lures and offers to reconverts, ignorance of Islamic values by the
masses and sense of inferiority nurtured in the minds of Muslim masses were
too big a force to be undone by the theologians. This needed a political
leadership and an organization with arms to counter, but there was none.

Those who spoke of invoking the help of Muslim powers of Turkey and Egypt
were feared and exposed before the authorities (by the Muslims themselves)
to be condemned. Without willing fighters, other Muslim powers could not
help. Those who had settled in Turkey and Egypt advised the authorities
there to desist'from such a thought as otherwise atrocities on Muslims of
Spain would increase. An Ahmed Shah Abdali was needed but there was none.
And the Muslim masses joined the "mainstream" of Spanish life and the
mullahs finding no job for their preaching gradually left Spain. And the
last batch to leave Spain consisted of the diehard mullahs in 1612.

In India also the political leadership of the Muslims became a tail of the
Hindu parties led by the upper castes. Only the theological leadership like
that of Maulana Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi (Ali Miyan) has tried to maintain
the cultural identity of the Indian Muslims.

This "Spanish experiment" is being tried with greater energy and efficiency
in India.

Urdu, which is as Islamic in India as Arabic was in Spain, is being eased
out. Muslims are voluntarily holding on to madrasas. English-educated richer
Muslims are away from the Muslim masses. We saw this at the Tablighi Jamat
International conference held in Bangalore (DV, March 15, 1985). They are
not going to Muslim countries, but are taking refuge in their psychological
and physical seclusion. Any move to organise them to protect the Muslim life
and property is branded as communal. Any Muslim flirting, if not supporting
the upper castes, is called a "nationalist Muslim". The gulf between the
Muslim masses and educated rich Muslims is widening every day. Mass killing
of Muslims is considered something natural by the Muslim leadership itself.
Whenever it is raised at international Islamic platforms such actions are
called interference in the internal affairs of India.

Muslims history is deleted from the syllabus. Names of Muslims who died for
India are avoided. A great martyr who died for India like Tipu Sultan is
unknown to youngsters, whereas the name of Tantia Tope, who fought not for
India but for his pension, and Jhansi Laxmi Bai, who fought for her adopted
son's heirship to the throne, is brought on the lips of every Indian.

No Muslim gets awards for his contribution to science, medicine, music, art
or gallantry. Even those who fought from the ranks of the ruling Congress
Party like Moulana Azad, Kidwai, Syed Mahmood, Humayun Kabir etc. do not
have a road or extension named after them. But there are half-a-dozen in the
names of each upper caste leaders in our towns and cities. History is being
re-written. ("Falsifying Indian History", DV editorial, April 16, 1985).

Muslims are killed daily and their houses and shops burnt. The doors of the
Army, police and administration are closed to them. And yet Muslim
organizations to protect Islam are coming up like mushrooms. Everybody wants
to protect Islam and nobody wants to protect Muslims. We are really worried.

A study of the Ruling Class policies reveals that it has great similarity
with the one followed by Ferdinand and Isabelle in Spain. The only
difference is that the Hindu upper castes are more sharp and sophisticated
because of the limitations imposed in the 20th century by the checks
exercisable by the United Nations Human Rights Charter and international
public opinion.

The systematic and daily anti-Muslim riots resulting in loss of life and
property, and above all the sense of fear in the hearts of every Muslim,
elimination of the martial Muslims from the Defence, paramilitary and police
forces and brahminising of these forces, closing the doors of appointments
in Govt. services and public undertakings, Brahminisation of education and
mass.media like radio, TV and advertisement, elimination of Urdu as official
language from those areas which form the presentday States of Punjab,
Haryana, UP, Bihar, parts of Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra, Andhra Pradhesh and
Karnataka overnight in 1947-48, gradual closing of Urdu schools are all
examples of positive anti-Muslim policies.

On the brahminical psychological warfare side comes the cries of Personal
Law amendment, now diluted as common civil code, greatness of the Indian
(Hindu) culture, projection of notorious anti-Muslim personalities like
"Mahatma" Gandhi, B. G. Tilak, Madan Mohan Malaviya, Veer Savarkar, Lala
Lajpat Rai as heroes of India to belittle the contribution of Muslims for
the development and progress of the country, re-writing of Indian history,
describing Muslim professions like beef-selling as a sin and glorifying cow
protection policies, introduction of mechanical slaughter of animals to
throw out of job butchers, declaration of import and export business carried
on by Muslims as smuggling are policies through which vulnerable Indian
masses are misguided, resulting in a psychological anti-Muslim bias. Muslim
electoral constituencies are divided horizontally and vertically so that
they don't have an effective voting power anywhere and thrusting upon them
ultra-secular Muslim leaders who have started worshipping Hindu idols and
such scenes being systematically televised.

Unfortunately Muslim leaders, who are dejected with the Govt., repose much
confidence in Hindu masses and hope to secure their help ignoring the fact
that the poor Hindu (Dalit) masses are as much victims of such a propaganda.
And as on this day only seeds are being sown. The harvest is yet to come.
When the harvest reason comes, what will be harvested in India is repetition
of Spain, unless the Muslims resort to counter measures soon.

It is high time the Muslim/ intelligentsia rises to the occasion to undo the
repetition of the history of Spain in India. Islam has always been protected
by the Muslim masses and not by the classes. Rich Muslims, who are not even
5% of the Muslim population (with minor exceptions) are joining the upper
caste exploiters. They may talk of Islam but they have forgotten the fellow
Muslims. Please note: religion does not protect its followers, but followers
protect the religion. Remember if Islam has to be saved in India, Muslims
have to be saved.



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