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Re: All about Malaa’ikah (Angels)
By:Badr US
Date: Saturday, 25 January 2020, 2:04 am
In Response To: All about Malaa’ikah (Angels) (Shuja ur Rahman Khan, Karachi)

When I was growing up in my native village, my grandmother used to tell me similar story about Hazrat Jibril (AS) being so big that he filled the void between the earth and the sky. She was never able to convince me, because if he filled the void between the earth and the skies then there would be no room left for anything else in this world, I thought.

Now, since I believe the angles are natural forces, they can indeed fill the space between the earth and the sky. Angels are not made of physical matter, they can exist as radio waves, electromagnetic forces, electricity, rain, clouds, light and so on. My grandmother was right.

I endorse the fairy tales’ style of your account on the angels, although amusing in itself, leaves a special impact on the readers mind and carry the ancient story telling flavor.

I have not been able to confirm from the Quran about the angles coming to the dead person in the grave and be asking questions. I think that the Quran specifically mentions that the dead would be in a deep state of sleep until raised from the grave on the day of Qiyamat.

With a caveat like, “Allah knows the best.” Nobody would argue with your research on Angels, the Jinn’s, and the six pillars of faith.

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