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Palestinian diaspora and asylum
By:Wafaa Hani, Palestine
Date: Friday, 24 January 2020, 1:01 am

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Stories and Stories from the Palestinian diaspora and asylum
the beginning By Media: Wafaa Hani

When you're one of the hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees to Lebanon, and the granddaughter of grandparents loved ones were forced to emigrate from Palestine, for fear of the Zionist gangs committed against the Palestinian people , the most terrible massacres and the largest massacres to force them to leave their towns and villages, and solutions to their place in their homes and the settlement of their land, what was known as the largest process displacement and asylum in the twentieth century, where the abandonment of Jewish arrivals with the help of Britain , nearly one million Palestinians, Antzaaohm from their land, and Khalaohm from their homes, and stripped of their property, and threw them out in the open and under tents in the country 's neighbors, and brought them within the scheme thoughtful prior intent to agency states Yeh created specifically for them, and the tasks entrusted to their attention and care, known as "UNRWA", as a prelude to being returned to their hometowns in Palestine, but the efforts may return could not also have been disrupted relief efforts.

I saw and I am Palestinian youth , which saddened me very much if my grandfather, who lived throughout the aged and are thinking about the return, and promise preparing to leave the camps and to leave the country to resort to Palestine, which Ahqaha and Ohbaha, and sacrificed for it and work in the process, but they died before they realized their dream, and left the world and their eyes towards Palestine yearning and it looks, Like tens of thousands of Palestinians who left like them before they achieve their dream, and regain their own, and return to their homes, but they were put this knowledge to their children, and handed them to the secretariat in their necks, a covenant , maintain and not overindulge in it and waived him, working for him, and Dhon in the process, otherwise deliver him clean clean strong steady for generations after them to come no matter how long, and regain their rights and the rights of their ancestors no matter how great the difficulties and challenges abounded.

I saw that I write Shortcake suffering my family of my people and a dream, and record what you can suffer, and Adon their stories and their stories, and that went for future generations of their dreams and have worked to achieve them, and made sacrifices in the process, and they are many and many over the years to resort and along the extension of the country 's asylum and the Diaspora, it took place during the years that came close to eighty years many stories occurred incidents large, many of which are sad painful, beautiful and other happy, and some humanitarian and non - social, and others struggle and resistance, which proud of our people and cherished by our people, but dispersal distant, and not passed down is Information.

Vordt here within a systematic organization series, entitled arranged to re - life to a lot of stories true Palestinian tales realism, lived our people and suffered, and those they rejoiced where and they fell down out, Odmha to a long series of Palestinian business immortal, which combine with the popular national heritage heritage by which we fight and fight, and its patient and we face, because I see that this heritage is popular part of our weapons, and one of our struggle tools, cherish and overfed it, as it has the force of arms and lit, in which its impact and consequences, do not underestimate him not underestimate.

But we know that the Zionist enemy fighting us it and Iqatlna for him, he realizes that what carries our memories, and moving our tongues, and what reservations our minds, and ischemia of our mothers, and what Torth our grandmothers, but it is a real weapon, afraid of it the enemy is aware of its impact and knows its impact, and that he wants to costing the memory of all these aspirations and dreams, and all those stories and anecdotes, because he knows they fuel back, and increased the battle.

And the public here in this series that I ask God Almighty to help me where, and prepare me to help me on them, and provide me with the memory of our people and the awareness of our people, I call on all his experience and the novel, and all kept the story and the story, and all the world of an incident or fact, that the notation made to preserve, or provide us with them for tell and Nsrdha, these stories and anecdotes belong to our generations and the right of our people, may have prevented the difficult conditions without moving them and prevented suffering without saving it , but today we can tally with hope, and restore to life with confidence, Vojana coming up Amina on leaving grandparents, and loyal to what they were dreaming and working for him.

Our stories and our stories, gentlemen , is not fiction , nor is fabricated, as they are not hypothetical but is a reality, embodies our suffering and paint our joy, we explain our story and lists tragedy, which is not to entertain and inform yields, but is the lesson and experience, which is to sharpen and vigor, and determination and floodlit, so do not forget Acre do not forget Safed, and folds days Saffuriyya, Haifa and Tantura, Nazareth, and Jaffa, Ashdod and Beit She'an and Tiberias, this is our land inherited, and our country is protected, Snhfezha rifle and the bullet, the word and the story, and Balsoub and headdress, and Balmwal and the song, until you return to us our land Palestine free, proud dear dignified.

With me here over the days will read stories Tznnounaa strange, and you think they are fictional, but you will realize shortly after they are your family and the story of your parents and the facts of your neighbors and the alienation of your people, a new old many stories of the story, tell the children about the ancestors, and convey young adults, but many others signed with generations coming up , and lived their children current, and weave weaved displaced people who still are refugees, although many of them emigrated and took refuge in a distant country where he lived and carried her nationality, learn and work in, and excelled and excellence , and gave it also gives her children original, but despite the riches and wealth, success and excellence what never forgot a Its a Palestinian Arab, his eyes to the yearning of the country where there is a holy which settled the enemy and occupied by strangers, but they will inevitably come back to it, and with all of them , God willing , we will come back .....

Let us , O stubborn people, O people of Jabarin , O great men, O sons of the nation will prevail on the weakness and regain its right, open the memories of record, and turn the pages of history, Nnbh near and distant past, looking for pearls, and look for stories, and tell Gayana and learn from her judgment, come Nnfd dust from a weapon that he thinks some of the burden and furrow, weak and ruined, but the fact that it is still sharply lit, active and able ....

The first follows the story ....
Beirut 23/01/2020