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What British empire did to Indo-Pak region
By:Tariq Khan, Lahore
Date: Wednesday, 22 January 2020, 12:21 am

Jan 21 at 11:26 AM
*** In 1857 the total population of England was 16600000, area 50385 Sq. Miles.
*** In 1857 the total population of Hindustan was 30000000, area 3300000 Sq. Km.
*** So shameful that the British Daccoits took over Hindustan and still ruling.
*** In 1947 the British Goons ran away after dividing Hindustan into three pieces.
*** The fools are claiming * Mimlikat e Khudad * Two Nations * Kashmir is Juggler Vein * Waging war with foreign weapons.
*** Proudly embracing British culture, language, judiciary, laws, education, democracy, and mindset.
*** The British Goons looted and killed mercilessly but they are still obeyed.
*** As per Thorer's report, the British looted 45 trillion worth of wealth from Hindustan.
*** But there is coming up no claim by the Hindustani States of Pakistan, Bharat, and Bangladesh.
*** The British had no legal authority to divide Hindustan but the slave leaders accepted the dictation.
*** The British Empire with a black history is gone forever but the people of Hindustan still under influence.
*** After 73 years Hindustani has failed to accept the truth that they are living in a gutter created by the British.
*** The total population of Hindustani States is around 1.85 billion.
*** If they unite a real superpower will be formed within 10 years.
GET UNITED as is North America. Defeat the planning of the British Goons.
Demand an apology from the British Goons and a majority share in their present wealth [technology].